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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Legacy: Allow him, allow them, allow us

At some point in my life, I came to understand what it meant to have mentors, role models and all...and today I'm an offspring of many mentors!

One of the things I learnt from my most reverred mentor, Dr David Oyedepo is the need to pay your dues, he would usually say "there is no free lunch in life" I spent five solid years learning under him, having the opportunity to listen to him periodically, feeding on his materials and of all the mentors I have, he's the one I understand the most...I've studied him tooooo much.

Often times when he speaks about his background in ministry and founding a university, he will share with us on the intensive studies he did...how we went all out studying giants in ministry, studying the operational flow of minstries that have produced results worldwide; he would share about how he went all out studying leading universities and their curricula before coining the unique model with which Covenant University is being run.

I've learnt this from other mentors as well.

However, I always wanted to know what he was going through as a secondary school student, I always wanted to know how his university life was...did he have girl friends, did he have ministry on his mind then, what was his day to day life like...was he an introvert/extrovert...I just wanted to know!

This same quest applies to all my other mentors..I only know Leke Alder started business with eighteen naira fifty kobo, I didnt get to hear his thoughts as a kid, was he yearning for success the way I am right now, what did his friends think of him? was he loved by his parents?

We hardly ever get to read about these things, none of my favourite authors have auto biographies that can answer this question, and this were some of the things I sought out to correct when I decided to title my book 'A-Z Life lessons', this one was vacuum I was anxious to fill when I decided to join my friends in running a '100days to grad' blog.

Why am I bringing this up tonight?
Too bad if I sound too stale, but Harry was just telling me about Justin Bieber yesterday.
I just read him up on Wikipedia and I'm amazed at what God has brought out of his life, now I'm hearing people are kicking against the recent move to do a biography movie on this guy and I'm saying WHY?

Why can't the world see it from the perspective of the effect it will have on generations to come?
I've had quite a number of adults querying my decision to 'bottle' life in a book and I'm always quick to remind them that life is subjective, I only wrote a book to appreciate a period in time of my life. 
What if God says 'time up'? What report will I give in heaven? That I was too young to make impact?
Imagine who Justin Bieber will be in 20years from now, if he keeps moving at this pace...I can imagine reading through the contents of his journal that is if he keeps one anyways...or probably hearing  a recording of a heart to heart moment with that guy; the kind of things that will be going through his mind will be amazing!

There will be many young stars tomorrow who will want to know how the young stars of yester years handled fame, how they handled pressure, negative media and all such things that come with stardom....Allow him movie
Allow him his story
Allow us our expressions

If only critics can see the big picture, they will keep quiet and let young ones do their thing, it is time for young successful folks to start writing autobiographies, people just have to accept the fact that the times have changed.

Atimes when I imagine who I will be in the next couple of years, I'm moved to tears when I imagine how relevant the contents of this blog will be to youths worldwide who will someday find a role model in me.

That is, this blog is not just touching lives today, it will yet touch many more lives in coming years and God willing even after I pass away.

Success is not enough
Greatness is the mark
Allow him
Allow them
Allow us

Are u having unrest?
"I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33 [NLT]

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Michael Onobote (a.k.a mikey) said...

Well said bro. The world tries to look for every reason to criticize success and at times to the extreme but through God we shall do valiantly!