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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 memories

Looking back all I can do is to allow my tears flow freely as I think deeply into the events of 2010. God did turn my life around, he took me into palaces to dine with kings and princes, he took me from my 'nobody' state and gave me a name.
The oil of favour was flowing endlessly upon my life in this 2010 and I don't think there's anything I can do that can be enough to thank and appreciate God for what He has done for me this year!
This is not the me that ended 2009, but God stepped in and stirred up a paradigm shift.

I appreciate God for my final year in school
I thank him for my academics.....I struggled to read for my finals cos there was no motivation
Some time in March I thought I would find love and finally settle in a relationship, but that moment never came. 
My project was a pain in the neck
I had to combine preparation for a book launch with my academics
I wept on my 21st birthday as the dummy of my book was dedicated to God....my friends kept on saying "dreams come true" and little did I know that it was just the beginning. 
I remember the 1hour prayer sessions we used to have 6-7pm daily. Sweet hours of prayer!!!! I would go there daily and pour it all out on God, I would tell him of my fears, my hopes, my aspirations and every other issue.
The journey that started 17th October 2005 had ups and downs, yet God saw me through and I bagged my B. Eng on 2nd July, 2010

2nd July, 2010 started a new chapter of my life as my first book, A-Z Life lessons was already in mass print and it sold its first copy that day......copies had been sold even before I help a copy in my hands. I can never forget the moment I held the book in my hands, it felt like a delivery hour when a mother would hold her new born in her arms and flow with tears of joy......Lord, I thank you for your blessings
A-Z Life lessons sold 200 pre-launch copies that weekend

9th July, 2010 Lagos welcomed my book as it was launched at Terra Kulture. That was the best evening of my life......watching the video of that event sets me in a unique realm.
Of no doubt, God has been with me....He simply picked on me to favour me
13th July 2010, I was sitting on the high table with international speaker and leadership expert, John C. Maxwell at a book reading at Silverbird galleria Lagos.
25th July I was featured in a national daily as one of the authors to be featured in the first ever Bookjam in Abuja
30th July, it was Abuja receiving me......great reception, the audience loved my work and they were just fascinated.
31st July, my first time on Radio. FRCN Abuja
26th August, I was on Rhythm 93.7 FM lagos

27th August, my first time on TV.....I was featured on Today on STV in a 15min interview
That day was like my birthday! Phone calls and msgs kept on rolling "we proud of u" "congrats" 
And just like I'm doing right now, the tears flowed freely that day!

28th August, another bookjam feature in Silverbird Lagos

September 2010. Y! Naija website published me as "the next big thing" featuring an exclusive interview I had with their columnist

So many speaking platforms, where I gladly shared fresh insights!
October 2010. My desired NYSC posting to Lagos clicked!
26th October I was in Ede, Osun state -my father's place of birth - for the 1st time in my life, all thanks to NYSC

12th November. Depressing day for me as the 3wk NYSC orientation ended as I was posted to serve in the Ministry of special duties as against the Exxonmobil I've always wanted. 
In the weeks that followed, I was all out to get a better job anywhere I could get it from. It was a trying period for me, but I was never in doubt about the outcome cos I always knew I would have the last laugh. 
After 2wks of job hunting, Total offered me a placement.....and on the same day Schlumberger came knocking. Couple of days later, it was Accenture!
From zero level, God presented me with 3 options

December 7 I resumed work at Schlumberger

31st December and you're still reading my blog :)
My most prized asset remain the friends I have kept through the years.....thank you for being a friend!

I couldn't have planned for a year this great
This is not paper work
This is not goal setting
This is no thinking big
This is the hand of God

All glory must be to the Lord
For He is worthy of my praise
No man on earth should give glory to Himself
All glory must be to the Lord

This is my story
This is my song
Praising my saviour
All the day long

See you all in the new year :)
2011 belongs to those who have the hand of God upon them. 
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Monday, December 20, 2010

'Needs' theorem

Never go about with your needs
Quit roaming with that "I'm in need" placard
No one really cares
And even the few that care at first end up getting tired

Never make your needs obvious
People use it to mess you up
Talk you down
And you end up with more needs

Watch who meets your needs
People use it to make a name
They present you as their creation
"If not for me" they say with pride

I will always say Man is selfish
Cos indeed Man is selfish
Wanna test friendships?
Make your needs the litmus

I know what men want
They want your seeds
Nothing goes for nothing they say
And won't mind something from nothing

Don't join them
Don't seek paybacks
Don't judge them
Its a thing of the flesh

My bible tells me
He that is born of the Spirit is free indeed
Free from begging, free from wants and needs
Because "My God shall supply all of my needs"

When next you're in need
Look up to God
His strategies are deep
He will bring your way selfless givers

When next you're not in need
Look out for those in need
Be the man that God will use
Give blindly

-Fiz Akanee

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Its fair to say I've totally neglected my blogging culture n if u ask me why, I would say no excuse is good enough.

A lot has been happening lately
Work has started and the lagos life is killing me!!!
I average 6hrs in traffic daily, last Monday was d record breaking 7.5hrs n I'm totally fed up with this factor.
It frustrates me big time and I'm working hard on a way out. I just have to move out of that my dead area....I need my own accommodation on the island.

Getting a new, comfortable and affordable accommodation is my sole desire for this week. It's #1 on my chirstmas wish list

Work is *phew*
No comments!

On the El Fiz side of life, I have a new client I'm working on, I jst pray I deliver on time so I get small cash for christmas spendings, because money is of the essence!

Speaking of christmas, I'm still not happy christmas is on a Saturday! Its not good now....how can I not get a day off????? LOL
God knows best

I'm meeting a father this afternoon
He's got some career counsel for me, I hope powerful things come out of our conversation.

In conclusion, struggle each day to see that the life ure living is the way uve always pictured it to be.
Never give up on the big picture

I love u for taking time to read this post!
God bless you
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Saturday, December 11, 2010


I got my Schlumberger acceptance letter on Tuesday
I did medicals the same day
And I kinda resumed on Wednesday

I'm gonna be an engineer by day for the next year *sighs*
I really believe all of these is a part of God's plan

I'm finding hard to cope with the long hours spent in traffic after work and I'm trying to adjust as soon as I can.

I'm really getting prepared for 2011
My expectations are too high..
I believe God for favour and speed of accomplishment.

The prophetic theme for the winner's family is 2011 is our year of BREAKTHROUGH UNLIMITED and I'm tapping into that already!

Sad work didn't allow me make Shiloh this year, but I watched the 2 closing sessions online and they were indeed power packed! I miss my Bishop

Anyways, this post is just to say I'm still alive and to clean out the cob webs growing on this page already...lol

I look forward to sharing something really inspirational some time soon.

Thanks for checking on me :-)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Life thoughts

Back to life
There are times in life when your effort is not producing any feasible result
Times when your toil speak not in your gain
They are crazy down times

At such times we are supposed to do one of two things
1. Let go and move on to something else
2. Keep at it until you pull through

Just one of these two things
Anyone of the 2 could be right depending on the situation at hand
There are those times you truly need to let go
And there are those times you've got to keep at it
But how do you tell the difference
How do you tell the times

This is the essence of existence I guess
These unresolved mysteries I guess are the things that illuminate the human nature...if we could tell the difference, I feel we would no longer need God for anything

Why cant we know tomorrow?
Everytime I ask myself this question, I always remember the line  used in the 2007 movie, NEXT starring Nicolas cage in which he could see 2 minutes into the future...they said "The fact that we could see into the future changes something about it"

The bible tells me a couple of things about tomorrow
Jesus warns me not to fret about tomorrow; what I will eat or wear
I also have the assurance that the path of the righteous is like a shining light that shines brighter until the perfect day
...and the implication of that divine promise is that I can't have a better yesterday. In other words, the blessings I got yesterday is the least that the heavens can ever offer again.
Atimes, I picture a lot of humour going on in heaven when we are spottted bothering ourselves over mundane things.
God says "before I formed thee I knew thee"
So I can picture the angels laughing hard when for example, they spot a 5yr old boy crying over biscuit when they can clearly see that that same boy will become the president of his nation at age 40.
More often than not, heavens mock our plans especially when we don't ask God before we set out those plans.
It's more like God has a working plan for your life, so you can't plan your life for Him...its really not your call!

I found something deep in God's word this morning; deep and comforting
 "And I will make an everlasting covenant with them: I will never stop doing good for them. I will put a desire in their hearts to worship me, and they will never leave me.
I will find joy doing good for them and will faithfully and wholeheartedly replant them in this land."
-Jer 32: 40 - 41

Imagine Jesus looking at you in the eyes telling you "I vow to never stop doing good...I find joy doing good for you"

What more do you need from this life?
Do you need any other form of assurance for success.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

3rd job offer..

Tuesday evening I received a mail from Accenture inviting me for an interview for 10am on Wednesday.
10am on Wednesday I had a one hour interview with a manager, then I was scheduled for another interview for 12.
12 noon I was sitting in front of a senior executive.
I had fun at both interviews, my confidence was on top form because I went in for both interviews knowing that I had nothing to lose so I wasnt even tensed at all.

This made me realise that there's a big difference between Job applicants and Job beggars.

God did it and after about 10mins with the senior exec, he said
"I'll offer you the job, you can discuss your salary with the HR guys"

I was in shock!
Its not typical of Accenture to employ on the spot, they always "get back to you" via email/phone calls

GOD has been blessing me like crazy, please if u find GOD, thank Him for me oh.

I'm more than grateful!

Monday, November 29, 2010

You, yes you!

Where are you
I miss you
I don't just want you
I need you

I need you to matter to me
I miss the movies we saw together
I miss the evening drives
I miss the dinners
Your lovely evening dresses
The way you poke my dimple
I miss locking my lips into yours
I miss buying you gifts
I miss how you whisper "I love you"
Oh I wish to be naughty so I pull your cheeks once again
Can I look into your eyes once more

I miss those moments
I miss you

I miss you cos I'm fed up with you
Fed up with the you imagined
I'll rather miss you unimagined than imagine you anymore
Show me you exist and come on over

I don't wanna see you on that side of life
I wanna see you on this side of life
C'mon cross the bridge
Show me you're real

C'mon so you meet my friends
Cos they think you don't exist
C'mon and silence them
I need you real soon
I need my lady

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How about this

How about this?

How about this
How about change
How about being the odd one out
How about being different

U don't see what they see
U don't like what they like
U don't wear what they wear
U don't feel what they feel

U don't what they do
U don't get what they get
They don't get u
U don't get them

How about this
How about u
How about them
How about us

Its ur world against theirs
Ur voice against theirs
U, them, us?
As the lines are drawn

How about a wait to see who prevails

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Sunday to you all!

Church service starts in 15mins and I woke up with a different feeling this morning and I've been feeling bad kind of that I've slowed down on blogging in recent times......so here I am trying to correct things.

A lot of things have happened in the last couple of weeks; NYSC camp and the hustle for a good job placement being tops in my life affairs. I've been praying, hoping and trusting God for the best and the heavens smiled on me on Friday as I got two acceptance letters from Total and Schlumberger and a lot of people have been asking "which one are you going for?" "how are you gonna go about it"

I've been confused myself but I think I made up my mind to go for Schlumberger.
I cant exactly point out to specific reasons why I feel Schlumberger is better than Total, but that's just how I feel.
My decision however comes with this latent feeling of "what if after NYSC, Total now offers their corpers a mega post-NYSC pay package?"
Really there's no 100% justified decision so I'll just go with it.

Meanwhile, I have a conviction that Accenture will still pick me, but I wanna remove my mind from Accenture. I love the place the and all, I like the corporate culture, it's consultancy and consultancy is my thing which means it should be a good training ground, yet I'm not sure I want it anymore.
I have a feeling it will interfere with my plans for El Fiz and on the long run, El Fiz that was supposed to be a plan for NOW will be a FUTURE PLAN....I wouldn't want that. I guess I'll rather stick on an engineering 8-5 and have my passion for consultancy haunt me after 5 o' clock.

But I am excited about the turn of things, I can remember telling people that offered me a couple of IT firms while I was still searching for a place that I cant afford to have anything less than a multinational on my CV...
Some people advised I start with the ministry and then see how I can cross over later
Others said "a bird in hand is better than a thousand in the forest"

And I kept on saying "I can't be stranded"
It's a covenant with God...I can't lack any good thing, I cant! Not when my God is still on the throne and I'm excited that God honoured his word in my life.

I trust God to send me a sign before mid night so.............thats it.

I was on the island yesterday for two book readings.
They bullied me to do a book reading at the galleria cos one of the authors weren't there....I didn't just want to do it, but I sensed the act of doing the organiser a favour at that instance will count for something in the nearest future, so I did it to stamp that "I am doing this for you Sir" impression.
However, I said no to the TV interview they had afterwards.

I moved on to Terra Kulture for the celebrity book reading.
Myne Whitman was there! I was so excited to see her and I can tell you she's having fun...somewhere at the back of my mind I always knew her Nigeria book tour will the best so far, cos Nigerians are loving people, we embrace each other and we enjoy celebrating our people.
She's as warm in person as she sounds online and I admire her a lot.

I met Chiedu, great, powerful young man! We had a chat that lasted 30mins or more and I can affirm it that he's a great man. Engineer by day and a creative artist by night.

Chude was also around. And Chude is ever energetic! I've promised to join the future awards team to see how I can contribute to such a great initiative.

I've missed the island gatherings, I've missed mixing with the great and I think I'm back.

I want to make some dangerous..and I mean dangerous statements about the coming year. I want to commit myself to the impossible and I trust God to take me there.
I will share some of my thoughts on that in the coming days

I have to go to church now to dance and appreciate the lifter of my head.

Again I wish you all a Happy Sunday!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Another remarkable 26th

The last time 26th was on a friday was in August and that was the day my STV interview was aired on national TV. The moments that followed the 15mins interview were moments of great joy, excitement and it was unexpectedly very emotional as I wept at different times through the course of that day. Tears of joy, tears of joy, tears of joy......
I will never forget that day of my life

That was 3 months ago and that same God has not given up on me

In the words of the Psalmist
"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceaseth as they are new every morning..."
God answered my prayers today

I picked up my request letter from Total Nig plc this morning after I received a call yesterday that I've been offered the job

With that letter I was able to reject the Ministry of special duties posting.

And just as I was getting to Agege on my way back home, a call came in from Schlumberger.
2hrs later my request letter was in my box

2 job offers in one day!

In the words of my Bishop "1 day of favour is enough to end 1 year of labour"

Today has indeed been my day of favour and I thank God for this!
For the shame with which I left Osun, he has given me double.

All glory must be to the Lord
For He is worthy of my praise
No man on earth can take glory for this
All the glory must be to the Lord

This is my story
This is my song
Praising my saviour all the day long
Rejoice with me!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

As the days go by....

December 31, 2010 is somewhere around the corner and its time to start evaluating the year as we put our hopes and aspirations for the year down on paper.

I had a refreshing time at the Accenture interview yesterday and I'm very grateful to God for that. However, through the cause of the interview I had to point out a lot of scenarios on how I have proven myself in past times, and having loads of instances to refer to strengthed me a lot through the interview process.

I had a long discussion with my mentor today and it was WOW!
Those are life moments money cant buy being shared with people that only God can give you access to. To say I was inspired would be an understatement.
It was a powerful moment with powerful dishes served at the power table

Its a long journey ahead to success and even a longer one to greatness. I just have to keep at it

Paid employment can only make one rich, it doesnt bring wealth...and if the dream is to become wealthy, paid employment is out of equation...its only a means to an end

feeling very sleepy rite nw..I'l talk more tmrw

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Owambe weekend

It was fun at the wedding of the Medinus yesterday as there was plenty to eat, drink and gist about.
I had loads of fun hanging out with a couple of friends from school.
Some how my camera was not behaving itself, all the pics came out blurred buh I stil have to share..enjoy!


Daddy's girl doing her thing

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I wish you all a fulfilling week ahead!

Accenture interview tomorrow.....let's go there!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

About to be employed

As the job search continues a lot of interesting developments have come up in the last couple of days.

On Thursday I was at Total downstream for a job test and interview.
They wanted a corper with Autocad proficiency and that was the first thing we (myself n a friend) were tested for...we did good and we moved on to the interview. We were interviewed by a white guy..their Technical coordinatior (TC) and the interview was smooth...just a couple of cheap questions based on what I had in my CV.
Apparently, if I get the total job I will be their draftsman at the Techincal department, in other words it will be one year of Autocad! I'm not sure I can handle that but...its wayyyyyy better than a job at the ministry!

Schlumberger is still looking promising. My link is still promising and I know it will come out well.

Accenture has invited me for interview on Monday. I like Accenture a lot, it has loads of relevance to my future aspirations and I'm confident that with God on my side I will ace the interviews.

For now, my preference is
#1 - Accenture
#2 - Schlumberger
#3 - Total
#1,000,000,000 - Ministry of special duties

That ministry job is out of it. Good news is a friend of mine was able to reject hers yesterday without any need for bribing anyone..so it will come easy for me most definitely!

I'm happy with the turn of events, the fact that I have 3 options is priceless, it is something many crave for. Day after day I keep getting that assurance that service year will be worthwhile.

El Fiz is on pause for now until I settle my 9-5 life
Other self development things also on hold
When I feel like reading a book, I read my bible...dats all I want for now
When I start work all other things should fall in place.

If u ever wanna be nice to me, please pray for me and my family...someone had a minor injury in this house yesterday, it should never happen again by God's grace

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Re: There is a God in heaven

I was praying to God during our mid week service when God opened my eyes to the past.

I was reaching out to God on my posting and letting him take full control cos its nt something I can handle alone.

Immediately God took my mind to a testimony I shared last year on hw God favoured me wit a life transforming summer job.

Read up the testimony here


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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ede camp in pictures.

Sa'ad the mad man....this soldier is few thoughts away from madness

Room G3 wit 23 bunks!

Iya Nuru our faithful drycleaner

corper cooling off during one of those boring lectures

Boni n Sizu

Demmy n Yewande

Adebayo made the list of top 10 under 20....congrats bro!
(random buh sum1 sent this pic to me cos I was in the background..lol)

 The best meal I had in Osun state...tantalizers chilling

Demmy with the fun kids we met at tantilizers..aged 2, 4 n 6..lol

The "no-endurance" endurance stroll

 me n Reme with a man-o-war instructor

Very boring and short camp fire night

Passing out parade

Yinkeey on Platoon 11 chilling

Oil n Gas goons 

KC, Me n Demmy after the passing out parade

Me n Chinwe (Funeh this shot was 4 u)

On camera with the NTA Osogbo crew

Orientation camp over...


What next?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

As NYSC Orientation comes to an end

I'm back!

I returned to Lagos yesterday evening
I returned with mixed feelings and I couldn't find any form of happiness in the last couple of hours I spent in Osun state.
My NYSC posting didnt go as expected...I was anticipating exxonmobil but what I saw was an eye sore
"Ministry of Special duties
TGS/Perm Sec education dist 1 Agege
1, Pen Cinema, Agege"

How can?
What happened?
What went wrong?
Why me?
Not Tolu Akanni

How can I jonz this big?
Too many things were running through my mind as we travelled back to Lagos
I couldn't even talk to anyone in the bus cos apparently everyone else seemed to have gotten encouraging places and for the first time in my life it looked like I was the unlucky one that was left out.
Every other person I know that wanted Exxonmobil got it, so why me?
I didn't even want to leave room for anyone to gimme any form of encouragement, I was angry a plan had failed and that anger was all I wanted for that hour.

So a plan has failed now
As much as I wish this was one big nightmare, it sad to see that I'm awake in the reality of it
I hate failed plans but this one has happened
So I'm back to the drawing board
Back to analysing alternatives
Back to repositioning myself for the best

I wonder what God is up to anyways
I smell His touch all around this...there's something He sees that I'm yet to see but one thing I'm sure of is that "All will be well"

I cant be stranded
I cant suffer
I cant fail
I cant be in want of any good thing

Thursday, November 11, 2010

NYSC diARiES - day 18

What was goin to be a 22 day journey was soon cut down into 19days...many thanks to the muslim society n the govt for declaring monday as a public holiday

Tmrw I return to las gidi
I miss life in the city
I miss my family
I miss my church

Bye bye NYSC camp
Bye bye Ede
Bye bye Osun state

Glory be to God for keeping me
His name be praised!
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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Of a truth, I'm always humbled each time someone tells me "I read ur blog" or we have a conversation n they go "I saw that in ur NYSC diaries"

I just wanna say a big thank you to you, I appreciate you a lot.

It feels good to have a voice. There are millions of people worldwide seeking to be heard and when I have u listen to me without making any serious effort to draw ur attention then I'm elated.

I love people
People make NYSC fun for me
I would have gone crazy if I were to be in the midst of total strangers.
The stories I hear everyday, the gists we share, the things we do to squeeze fun out of frustration are the things that keep me going.

I love God
Though not as much as He loves but I love Him in my own way and I just wanna thank Him again on this blog.

There's this frame we had in our house back then, it reads
This one line has subconsciously shaped my relationship with God through the years.
When there's no human to talk to or when what I have to share is too heavy to be shared with any being, I talk to my ever present listener.

The tone of a statement influences the message it passes across
There's a way u simply say
"Give him something"
There's a way u solemnly whisper
"Giiiiive him something"
And that whisper influences the tone of the message

The most powerful msg I've heard in a long while came from my aunt last month.
Old woman in her 70s; she came for my bro's wedding and her parting words left me with a burning confidence.
After she saw my book and all she had showered blessings on me she looked at me in the eyes and went
"Olorun ti sowipe 'bere lowo mi emi o si fifun o' mu gbogbo ohun ini re wa siwaju oluwa ni gbogbo ojo aiye re"

"God has said 'ask and it shall be given unto you' continually bring all of your needs to God for the rest of your life"

She need to have said it to you for you to understand its full effect!

I went to Osogbo, the capital of Osun state yesterday. Not bad but not so good....therz no place like Lagos men
I enjoyed d trip outside camp sha...spent 5hrs @ tantalizers
The routine was fun
Salad- toilet - rice n chicken - sleep - ice cream - sleep - doughnut n meatpie - sleep - more ice cream
Then we left....crazy life jor!

Therz Mr Macho n Miss NYSC pageant tonite. I hope I have fun cos I'm rly not in d mood jare
I've been sleeping all day
Btw, I saw my face in d mirror after 12days yday n d word is 'horrible' I look like a beast!!! U don't wanna c hw much beards I have on my face
I shall shave tomorrow

Catch you later,
Thanks again for reading!

Tolu Fiz Akanee
| thought | written | spoken |
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I didn't plan to blog today but I have a brief thot to share so Iemme do that quickly.....

Crazy crazy day in Ede camp.....I had to stand through the length of the lectures on how to secure employment. But hanging around the hall cos d seats weren't enuf wasn't so bad after all, it earned me more friends.....I had a mouth watering dishes of intelligent conversations with friends all around.

Thanks be to God for the rain that interrupted our parade. I just ran inside my hostel and with low battery on my phone I decided to make use of the journal I bought for my NYSC experience.

I've started work on the structure of my next book. I just like the way the chapters came in place all of a sudden. As soon as I fix a release deadline I'll be glad to share a couple of interesting features that the book will have.

God is always with me.
He loves me
And He makes it clear to me on a daily basis

Tomorrow will be a greater day for sure

N.B. I figure I didn't exactly channel my opinion about non-CU graduates with tact. Its not as bad as I put it then.....just that they were really getting on my nerves at some point. I'm sorry!

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Monday, November 1, 2010


It's 1 week since we got here
It's the 1st day of November
As in November is here already!
July, August, September, October, now November
I miss July.....I will neva launch a 1st book again
I miss August.....d spotlight was wow
I miss September.....d empowerment process was awesome
I miss October.....trusting God 4 lagos postin was *sighs*
Now November is here
I'm gonna start work this month even though the stakes r high, I'm trusting God 4 Exxon mobil.

A part of me is wanting to start something fresh
I need a vacation this december jor
Some El Fiz things should take better shape this month

I don't wanna worry about tomorrow, I just wanna remain optimistic and maximize every opportunity that comes my way.

In my subconscious I'm beginning to see thingsssssss....as in I'm seeeeeeeeeeing things.

I need God to help me oh

I'm enjoyin my Forbes app, its been a blessing to my intellectual health.....d articles r very informative.

Btw, I wish I could gather 20-30 corpers daily and teach them life lessons.......sincerely I have a lot to share and I know their lives won't be the same buh therz no obvious platform 4 that here mehn.

The average Nigerian graduate is not 'informed'
Hopefully in the nearest future, I would love to tour NYSC camps to teach graduates

fOOd fOR thOUGht:
"The future belongs to those who recognise opportunities long before they become obvious"
Wha do u see?

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Friday, October 29, 2010


Yesterday afternoon was my most frustrating moment here....it was crazy sitting on d grass to receive lectures, we were made to sit under the hot afternoon sun 4 2hrs after which we rebelled and that led to a 30min punishment after which we had anoda hour and half of lectures totalling 4hrs.
I was molested mentally

These military guys are just animals.....real animals and I think I can handle their stress a lil simply cos I understand the psychology behind their moves.

Today was different tho, it was a short lecture in the assembly hall. That was good of them sha!
As I was under the dead boring lecture on entrepreneurship, I had d privilege of eavesdropping on a conversation btw 2 CU guys and the inspiration came for my 3rd book.
My 3rd text will definitely be a business book.....there are too many questions left unanswered on how to get started as an entrepreneur.

Nepa has dulled again n I have to save battery

I must let u guys know that there's a lot of CU beef here n I'm loving every minute of it
They hate us for a simple reason: we are in a different class and they aren't just good enough to match up so they call it "pride" or "forming" as the case may be.

Every phase comes with a specific purpose and there's a lesson attached to each experience.

I'm grateful to God
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So we finally had our swearing-in ceremony today after two intensive days of parade practice ahead of the big day.

We were lucky to not have the governor himself around (governors always come late) as the representative made it in on time.

Lucky me I was smart enuf to not join in the parade as I joined the JJC crew who were exempted from the display.
That move almost backfired at the end of the ceremony when the JJC guys were now made to learn by force. Words can't explain what it took me and Ehi to outsmart the soldiers who almost roped us in the extra 1hr practice......dats my sweetest move so far on camp *big grin*

We've been split up into platoons......I hope to meet more interesting people as platoon activities start.

Things are already falling in place
Bathing issues
Toilet issues
Charging issues
Networking issues
Everything is settling fine, mililtary camps just seem to force u to think and above all I'm convinced its a survival of the smartest.

Its getting more interesting as the day goes by and I might just miss the experience when it all comes to an end.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NYSC diaries

No ba3 to blog
Many words describe this place


I shall be back 4 more
Hp y'al r enjoyin life outside a military camp

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Are u?

Are about to move out of Lagos (or ur current base) to serve the nation for the next one year?
Are you gonna remain in Lagos (or ur current base) for the next one year?

I guess u should be reading this piece

Lemme bore u with another prototype motivational act by telling to pick a pen and paper and write the answer to this question in as many words as u can:
"What can I become in the next one year?"

This is the practical of the theoretical cliche that says
"U cannot feature in a future u don't picture"

Especilly for those that will be off home, u are left to be self-motivated!
Reality has set in...d 'connected' have made their way to their desired state and are about to clinch their dream job......ur 'runs' didn't click or maybe u didn't even make any attempt to influence ur posting

This is not the time to sulk over ur state of primary assignment, wake up to the reality of the year ahead and make plans

My heart goes out to those that will lose focus during this period. While I shake my head m tellin u that it will be hard to catch up wit peers if u ever lose track for one day.

Stay positive
Stay thirsty
I'm of d school of thought that wealth is easier to amass in d midst of the under-exposed
Stay sensitive
Every problem comes wit a bag of riches with which it rewards whosoever meets it with a solution
Stick to ur roots
There's no future outside Christ
I ♥ u all


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Ede is a local govt area in Osun state
I will be in Ede for the next 3wks (oct25-nov16)
All is the name of national youth service call

Ede is actually my hometown, my great grand parents were born, bread and they all lived and died in Ede.
My father was born in that town too and in 21yrs of my life I've not had a single cause to go to Ede.

Not witches. Its a christian community and my grand parents were pastors but both paternal grandparents were gone b4 the time I came to this world - 21yrs ago.

I'm pretty much excited about the trip down to d town and the 3wks in EDE camp before I start work in Las Gidi

I wanna explore a different side of blogging when I'm in Ede
I might not blog though, but I'll def keep a journal as much as I hate paper n biro, I think I wanna give it a good try this time around.

The next one year of my life will be a most exciting one, I tried to draw a mental picture of the state of my life come October 2011 n if u know what I saw!!! *sighs*
U just have to keep reading my blog!

Btw, I passed d Accenture aptitude test...they say 4 stages of interview
I've always wanted to be interviewed 4 a job cos I wonder why people fear it that much.
I look forward to acing them all n getting d employment letter then I 'humbly' reply
"I'm sorry I can't accept the offer, I'm wit Exxon"
My friends think I'm crazy!! But let's c hw it goes

In conclusion, please I'm begging you all to READ BOOKS
Ignorance is killing our nation, especially the Nigerian youth.,.....because I discovered d power of a healthy reading culture, my parents had little parenting to do.
Read a book today

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Special toast

I raise my glasses to heavens in appreciation and with a heart soaked with gratitude for a prayer answering Father.

Thank you Jesus for the Lagos NYSC posting...this is the beginning of the many greater things to come.

Next on my prayer list is my dream Mobil job

Monday, October 18, 2010

Am I back for reals?

I don't know why I suddenly stopped daily updates.
I always have this blog in mind, I always have the people that read me in my mind, I always think of those that read that I don't know and I might not know or get to ever meet in this life.
But even with all of those thoughts running through my mind, I still don't get to update.

I wish I could blame my iPod for not syncing my notes on my outlook anymore. I wish I could blame my iPod for the crack, I wish I could blame my BB for losing so much battery power each time I try mobile blogging.

But I noticed something that was common to all of the things I hoped to blame
my iPod, my BB, my battery....they all bear "MY"
So without any excuse it has been a "ME" thing.

I think this post should just be all about me then.

Too many thoughts running through my mind
Toooooo many issues popping up.

NYSC posting will be out in a couple of days, I have spent days, weeks, months and even years confessing Lagos as my place of NYSC posting and as the final hour draws nearer I realise how much I need to be in this city for the next one year.

When a client told me to confirm Lagos first before we kick off business, I ran to the knees of the one in heaven and I reminded Him of his word again, I have applied every principle I have learnt about drawing supernatural favour and I can't wait to see Lagos happen.

*sighs* eko o ni baje oh

I look forward to NYSC because I know it's a season of wealth creation for me, God recently opened my eye to my business Elijah and I am most excited about that revelation...I will revisit this issue someday soon

I've had privileged discussions with a couple of friends that are about to explode and *sighs* I cant wait for these persons to hit spotlight...some things are about to happen! It will take hanging around a lil longer to understand some of these things I'm seeing. I am proud to be a part of this generation, I'm proud to be alive at this hour.

I have been reading a lot of late and each time I read books I always wish each one of my friends and the people I care about invest quality time to read books. Until we all read books we won't realise how much we are losing by not doing so.

I've also been commiting my next book into God's hands...too many concepts, too many ideas but it goes beyond what I can see or say now. Like I told Gbubemi earlier today "just when I think I have it all laid out n well schemeed...whooooop! The mighty one sweeps in and takes it all to another level"

I could remember late last year when I wanted to plan for year 2010, I couldnt see beyond my July2 graduation, so I had a Jan - June plan, God came in in July with exclusive rights and see what He's doing.

I've also been experimenting lately, trying out some crazy principles I learnt from some crazy books.
I will be glad to share them when they start working their magic.

Happiness is all that counts in this world we live in.
Gone are the days when I used to try to understand how people that earn ridiculously meagre amounts can look so joyful and comfortable with life and as the things I see daily tell me that "the rich also cry" I'm fast understanding that accomplishment doesn't equal happiness.
We are rated as one of the happiest people on earth and at the same time we are one of the world's poorest nations. U will have a problem with these statistics until u understand the definition of happiness.

In conclusion, does ur life give you joy?
When last did you smile all alone to yourself?
Work your way to happiness and make sure u define it now so u recognise it when it comes.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just believe

God just wants us to carry this big head all around
One big head that carry a minute mentality
The mentality of 'my father has the will to do and undo'
"I can do all things through christ who strengthens"
"Ask and it shall be given unto you"
"...my word shall not return to me empty, it shall fulfill that which it was sent to accomplish"
"As a man thinketh so is he"
"My God is able"

Complex mind can't understand God
And that's why I recently said "if u want to learn how to fall in love, don't come to class with your head"
Ur head is filled with theorem, laws, principles
And even though I made that statement in the secular i.e. The boy-girl love

It suddenly dawned on me that God is love
U don't use ur human head(brain) in the school of faith

To love u need ur heart to guide u
To believe u need ur heart
Ur head wil say ure stupid
Ur head wil criticise u badly n cause u to fear

But why not let go and let God

He is able
Just believe!
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On Finance

"Academic qualification are important and so is financial qualification. They are both important and schools are forgetting one of them"
-Robert Kiyosaki

"Money is a kind of base subject. Like water, food, air and housing it affects everything; yet for some reason the world of academics thinks it is a subject below their social standing"
-Robert Kiyosaki

"We go to school to learn how to work hard for money. I write books and create products that teach people how to have money work hard for them"
-Robert Kiyosaki

"Your earning ability today is largely dependent upon your knowledge, skill and your ability to combine that knowledge and skil in such a way that you contribute value by which customers are going to pay"
-Brian Tracy

"You can't know it all no matter how smart you are, no matter how comprehensive your education, no matter how wide-ranging your experience, there is simply no way to acquire all the wisdom you need to make your business thrive"
-Donald Trump

"Financial education needs to be a part of our national curriculum and scoring systems so that it is not just the rich kids that learn about money, it is all of us"
-David Bach

"Until the knowledge you have of finance is the appropriate one for wealth creation, every plan you have gets messed up by the disjointed opinions you hold"
-Matthew Ashimolowo

"A feast is made for laughter and wine maketh merry; but money answereth all things"
-King Solomon (Eccl10:19)

I'm on a quest for advanced financial literacy ahead of the comng Wealth Transfer that God himself has promised me.
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Pink Hope

Pink Pearl Foundation got me and my friends on the streets of Isolo & Mushin this Saturday 
on a breast cancer and cervical cancer awareness walk

Friday, October 8, 2010

I hear say....Pt3

It is still sad to know that we don't have some form of local Forbes to depend on for new information on Nigerian billionaires and the decisions they make daily to shape the economy of our nation...we just keep hearing things...
If I may ask...
Who said so?
We know not

The Palms shopping mall has been around for years now and it is by all standards the most successful and the most patronised mall in Nigeria (Tolu said so)

How did it all start?
A nigerian entrepreneur approached Actis group a south african based company that have great track records when it comes to setting up retail outlets in different African countries.

Word has it that all the Nigerian guy had was a large piece of land along the Lekki Express way and that was all he brought to the bargaining table.
The agreement was that Actis group will setup an ultramodern mall on this large piece of land, run it for a period of time, check out when they are done making their desired profit.
After they did their financial computations, their forecast revealed that they will need to run it for 5years to make that desired profit...after which 100% ownership of the mall will be ceded to the Nigerian.

Everything started out as planned but did not end as planned, as of the end of the 2nd year of operation Actis group had made just what they had aimed to earn in 5yrs!! so they cashed out honourably, ceded 100% ownership to the Nigerian

They left him to run the business and over the years the business has remained fresh, increasing earnings with each passing year
They left but they didn't leave
They left but they didn't leave him without a system

If Nigerian entrepreneurs can understand in-depth, the importance of systems development then business succession will be a reality.

Its a shame to watch businesses, organisations crumble as their owners die

Don't we get the message when see brands like
T.M. Lewin (est 1898) ?

It can happen to us if we will make it happen. Our nation needs builders, systems developers
We need it in the family
Things can work when daddy is not home
We need it in governance
Things can work when a new leader takes over
We need it in church
Church can be fun when the senior partner is away
We need it in business
Things can work when the CEO retires

We need it in YOU
Things can work when your days are gone

Don't just read these things
Use it to do something!
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I hear say... Pt 2

I'm so excited to bring you the Pt 2 of my 'hear-say's
The Pt1 generated a number of challenging questions and I'm about to do justice to those questions, so pay attention.

To be sincere with you, the Etisalat isssue is one that I still can't suggest a credible solution to because over the years I've studied how they have tried out different intelligent strategies and they still haven't had their big break.

I said it before that new brands grow on existing thriving brands
and as simple as that statement may sound, it answers all of our questions.

Etisalat understands this and this is why they've been trying to penetrate the market by appealing to the youth..major youth events are sponsored by Etisalat, they have done sooo much and almost tooo much to win the hearts of the youth but the result is still not as impressive as it ought to be.

But let me go back to the issue with the magazines.
I shared this with a friend recently that needed counsel on how to promote their next issue.

If u want to start a magazine in Nigeria today and u want to be successful, I advice u don't start out as a nobody!
Build credibility in a different industry then start out the magazine as an overflow of your passion to share information..if u seek out to make a name with a magazine...ure on a long thing, it's not all that easy

Back to my hear-says

I hear say....Pt 2

I hear say..GTB pays Super striker comic #100million per issue
Super striker is a first timer in the world of comics anyway and its probably the only Nigerian comic that most of know..but guess what, it is not Nigerian.
Super striker is owned by a South African company and I hear it sells in two other African nations
So the one that comes to Nigeria has names like Segz, Musa e.t.c
The one that goes to Ghana(nt sure if it's in Ghana..jst sayin) has names like Mensah
Different names but same story, same illustration per issue
Just that the sponsors r different so they wear branded jerseys of the different sponsors.
In Nigeria other than GTB, they have sponsors like
Amstel Malta
Mr Biggs
and a couple of others that I cant remember now

All these sponsors will also have a fixed amount they pay to Super strikers per issue
Yet super striker is not for free distribution..they sell #70  per copy and I'm sure there's profit in that #70 on its own.

====If for one minute, u perceive this moves as a rip off, u cant have this kind of money...ure still carrying a wrong mindset, renew your mind===

Friends, its an interesting world when ur ideas grow into systems and these systems bring you money

The catch is this: The people that think these things are human beings like me and u, they went to the same kind of schools we went to, they studied the same kind of arithmetic, but u know what: they outgrew theories on time and were thirsty to solve problems.

I say it over and over again that entrepreneurship is God's plan for man. Financial prosperity is key

See, I want your eyes to get wet as you read some of these things and have goose bumps while you go all out to look for how to generate wealth.

Build systems...money is 'sweeeeetest' when it comes from a system built by 'you' 
It feels rewarding. 
The joy of systems is that it gives u bargaining power in the place of prayer.

I heard this one from Fela Durotoye..I have d mp3 audio, so this one is confirmed.

Fela Durotoye was in the presence of God one day and he told God that he wanted to pay a tithe of #100million..GBAM!
He said it with faith and he continued his normal life, a couple of days later he received a call that a state government wanted to give out copies of his book to students in that state...the number of copies they ordered for was worth a little above #1billion

Did he have a tithe of #100million to pay in the church the next Sunday or not?
What system did he build?
He wrote a book...a relevant book for that matter...that book is a system. That book being a system, gave him bargaining power in the heavens...u cant be doing nothing and u will expect God to just hit u with something mega. Divine protocols cannot be broken

Just leave this page and go on ur knees asking God to show u something, because really, u can be next on the line for his MEGA blessings

I also heard the story behind Shoprite...I will share that with u tomorrow