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Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 memories

Looking back all I can do is to allow my tears flow freely as I think deeply into the events of 2010. God did turn my life around, he took me into palaces to dine with kings and princes, he took me from my 'nobody' state and gave me a name.
The oil of favour was flowing endlessly upon my life in this 2010 and I don't think there's anything I can do that can be enough to thank and appreciate God for what He has done for me this year!
This is not the me that ended 2009, but God stepped in and stirred up a paradigm shift.

I appreciate God for my final year in school
I thank him for my academics.....I struggled to read for my finals cos there was no motivation
Some time in March I thought I would find love and finally settle in a relationship, but that moment never came. 
My project was a pain in the neck
I had to combine preparation for a book launch with my academics
I wept on my 21st birthday as the dummy of my book was dedicated to God....my friends kept on saying "dreams come true" and little did I know that it was just the beginning. 
I remember the 1hour prayer sessions we used to have 6-7pm daily. Sweet hours of prayer!!!! I would go there daily and pour it all out on God, I would tell him of my fears, my hopes, my aspirations and every other issue.
The journey that started 17th October 2005 had ups and downs, yet God saw me through and I bagged my B. Eng on 2nd July, 2010

2nd July, 2010 started a new chapter of my life as my first book, A-Z Life lessons was already in mass print and it sold its first copy that day......copies had been sold even before I help a copy in my hands. I can never forget the moment I held the book in my hands, it felt like a delivery hour when a mother would hold her new born in her arms and flow with tears of joy......Lord, I thank you for your blessings
A-Z Life lessons sold 200 pre-launch copies that weekend

9th July, 2010 Lagos welcomed my book as it was launched at Terra Kulture. That was the best evening of my life......watching the video of that event sets me in a unique realm.
Of no doubt, God has been with me....He simply picked on me to favour me
13th July 2010, I was sitting on the high table with international speaker and leadership expert, John C. Maxwell at a book reading at Silverbird galleria Lagos.
25th July I was featured in a national daily as one of the authors to be featured in the first ever Bookjam in Abuja
30th July, it was Abuja receiving me......great reception, the audience loved my work and they were just fascinated.
31st July, my first time on Radio. FRCN Abuja
26th August, I was on Rhythm 93.7 FM lagos

27th August, my first time on TV.....I was featured on Today on STV in a 15min interview
That day was like my birthday! Phone calls and msgs kept on rolling "we proud of u" "congrats" 
And just like I'm doing right now, the tears flowed freely that day!

28th August, another bookjam feature in Silverbird Lagos

September 2010. Y! Naija website published me as "the next big thing" featuring an exclusive interview I had with their columnist

So many speaking platforms, where I gladly shared fresh insights!
October 2010. My desired NYSC posting to Lagos clicked!
26th October I was in Ede, Osun state -my father's place of birth - for the 1st time in my life, all thanks to NYSC

12th November. Depressing day for me as the 3wk NYSC orientation ended as I was posted to serve in the Ministry of special duties as against the Exxonmobil I've always wanted. 
In the weeks that followed, I was all out to get a better job anywhere I could get it from. It was a trying period for me, but I was never in doubt about the outcome cos I always knew I would have the last laugh. 
After 2wks of job hunting, Total offered me a placement.....and on the same day Schlumberger came knocking. Couple of days later, it was Accenture!
From zero level, God presented me with 3 options

December 7 I resumed work at Schlumberger

31st December and you're still reading my blog :)
My most prized asset remain the friends I have kept through the years.....thank you for being a friend!

I couldn't have planned for a year this great
This is not paper work
This is not goal setting
This is no thinking big
This is the hand of God

All glory must be to the Lord
For He is worthy of my praise
No man on earth should give glory to Himself
All glory must be to the Lord

This is my story
This is my song
Praising my saviour
All the day long

See you all in the new year :)
2011 belongs to those who have the hand of God upon them. 
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Monday, December 20, 2010

'Needs' theorem

Never go about with your needs
Quit roaming with that "I'm in need" placard
No one really cares
And even the few that care at first end up getting tired

Never make your needs obvious
People use it to mess you up
Talk you down
And you end up with more needs

Watch who meets your needs
People use it to make a name
They present you as their creation
"If not for me" they say with pride

I will always say Man is selfish
Cos indeed Man is selfish
Wanna test friendships?
Make your needs the litmus

I know what men want
They want your seeds
Nothing goes for nothing they say
And won't mind something from nothing

Don't join them
Don't seek paybacks
Don't judge them
Its a thing of the flesh

My bible tells me
He that is born of the Spirit is free indeed
Free from begging, free from wants and needs
Because "My God shall supply all of my needs"

When next you're in need
Look up to God
His strategies are deep
He will bring your way selfless givers

When next you're not in need
Look out for those in need
Be the man that God will use
Give blindly

-Fiz Akanee

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Its fair to say I've totally neglected my blogging culture n if u ask me why, I would say no excuse is good enough.

A lot has been happening lately
Work has started and the lagos life is killing me!!!
I average 6hrs in traffic daily, last Monday was d record breaking 7.5hrs n I'm totally fed up with this factor.
It frustrates me big time and I'm working hard on a way out. I just have to move out of that my dead area....I need my own accommodation on the island.

Getting a new, comfortable and affordable accommodation is my sole desire for this week. It's #1 on my chirstmas wish list

Work is *phew*
No comments!

On the El Fiz side of life, I have a new client I'm working on, I jst pray I deliver on time so I get small cash for christmas spendings, because money is of the essence!

Speaking of christmas, I'm still not happy christmas is on a Saturday! Its not good now....how can I not get a day off????? LOL
God knows best

I'm meeting a father this afternoon
He's got some career counsel for me, I hope powerful things come out of our conversation.

In conclusion, struggle each day to see that the life ure living is the way uve always pictured it to be.
Never give up on the big picture

I love u for taking time to read this post!
God bless you
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Saturday, December 11, 2010


I got my Schlumberger acceptance letter on Tuesday
I did medicals the same day
And I kinda resumed on Wednesday

I'm gonna be an engineer by day for the next year *sighs*
I really believe all of these is a part of God's plan

I'm finding hard to cope with the long hours spent in traffic after work and I'm trying to adjust as soon as I can.

I'm really getting prepared for 2011
My expectations are too high..
I believe God for favour and speed of accomplishment.

The prophetic theme for the winner's family is 2011 is our year of BREAKTHROUGH UNLIMITED and I'm tapping into that already!

Sad work didn't allow me make Shiloh this year, but I watched the 2 closing sessions online and they were indeed power packed! I miss my Bishop

Anyways, this post is just to say I'm still alive and to clean out the cob webs growing on this page already...lol

I look forward to sharing something really inspirational some time soon.

Thanks for checking on me :-)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Life thoughts

Back to life
There are times in life when your effort is not producing any feasible result
Times when your toil speak not in your gain
They are crazy down times

At such times we are supposed to do one of two things
1. Let go and move on to something else
2. Keep at it until you pull through

Just one of these two things
Anyone of the 2 could be right depending on the situation at hand
There are those times you truly need to let go
And there are those times you've got to keep at it
But how do you tell the difference
How do you tell the times

This is the essence of existence I guess
These unresolved mysteries I guess are the things that illuminate the human nature...if we could tell the difference, I feel we would no longer need God for anything

Why cant we know tomorrow?
Everytime I ask myself this question, I always remember the line  used in the 2007 movie, NEXT starring Nicolas cage in which he could see 2 minutes into the future...they said "The fact that we could see into the future changes something about it"

The bible tells me a couple of things about tomorrow
Jesus warns me not to fret about tomorrow; what I will eat or wear
I also have the assurance that the path of the righteous is like a shining light that shines brighter until the perfect day
...and the implication of that divine promise is that I can't have a better yesterday. In other words, the blessings I got yesterday is the least that the heavens can ever offer again.
Atimes, I picture a lot of humour going on in heaven when we are spottted bothering ourselves over mundane things.
God says "before I formed thee I knew thee"
So I can picture the angels laughing hard when for example, they spot a 5yr old boy crying over biscuit when they can clearly see that that same boy will become the president of his nation at age 40.
More often than not, heavens mock our plans especially when we don't ask God before we set out those plans.
It's more like God has a working plan for your life, so you can't plan your life for Him...its really not your call!

I found something deep in God's word this morning; deep and comforting
 "And I will make an everlasting covenant with them: I will never stop doing good for them. I will put a desire in their hearts to worship me, and they will never leave me.
I will find joy doing good for them and will faithfully and wholeheartedly replant them in this land."
-Jer 32: 40 - 41

Imagine Jesus looking at you in the eyes telling you "I vow to never stop doing good...I find joy doing good for you"

What more do you need from this life?
Do you need any other form of assurance for success.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

3rd job offer..

Tuesday evening I received a mail from Accenture inviting me for an interview for 10am on Wednesday.
10am on Wednesday I had a one hour interview with a manager, then I was scheduled for another interview for 12.
12 noon I was sitting in front of a senior executive.
I had fun at both interviews, my confidence was on top form because I went in for both interviews knowing that I had nothing to lose so I wasnt even tensed at all.

This made me realise that there's a big difference between Job applicants and Job beggars.

God did it and after about 10mins with the senior exec, he said
"I'll offer you the job, you can discuss your salary with the HR guys"

I was in shock!
Its not typical of Accenture to employ on the spot, they always "get back to you" via email/phone calls

GOD has been blessing me like crazy, please if u find GOD, thank Him for me oh.

I'm more than grateful!