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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Y! Naija speaks

Just to update u guys on current happenings

I stumbled on a single from Asa's upcoming album
Track: Be my man
Album: Beautiful imperfection
Artiste: Asa
I know it's gonna be a mad album, I cant just wait for the release so I'll gladly have Asa on replay on again. She's simply the best at what she does

As leadership school ends, my bro is getting married this weekend, wedding preps could be crazy but I'm trusting God for strength and I am sure I wont breakdown. God is able!

An interview never feels half as good as it is when it is conducted compared to how it feels when it gets published. I have to say a very big thank you to Y! Naija...check out the interview here
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The fact that Y! Naija considers me "The next big thing" is rather humbling, and it comes with abundance of joy, excitement, a deep heart of gratitude to God and a sense of responsibility

I have been getting feedback in recent times from persons who have been touched/influenced by some of the things I share on this blog - though not as much as I expected - and I'm really excited about the feedback thus far. It keeps me going...thanks guy!
If u want to have a private discussion with me you can reach me via tolulopeakanni@yahoo.com or if it is on a professional note  you can reach me via tolu.akanni@elfizconcept.com

Monday, September 27, 2010

Before u jonz..

Are u one of those dreamers who want to take over the world?
U have this big dream and u wanna launch out in a couple of years and hit it big  from the onset?
I would not like to call u a joker because the rate at which some persons shoot out into limelight make things look like accomplishment and hitting the spotlight is nothing but a joke.
I would implore u to journey with me as I share some deep thoughts.

Over and over again I get the reassurance that we know theories soooo much that we get lost when we try to apply the theoretical knowledge.

And one of the things I love to do when I get the platform to interact with, inspire or motivate people is to demystify success. I've realised that this success thing is still a big deal to many.

May I again bore u with my theorem that says "success is cheap"
I know successful people, and by the grace of God I am a success and I can tell u that these successful folks are not doing anything out of the ordinary.
U can do the same things uve always done to become a mega-success only that u wont do those things the way uve always done them.

How do you follow your dreams?

1. Don't climb the mountain from the top, start from the bottom
There's a saying that  "the morning shows the day just as the child shows the man"
The investment u make on this level is what determines what u will enjoy on the next level.
If u have not borrowed #50,000 for business while maintaining a clean balance sheet, u can never find #5,000,000. People to loan out large sums of money to new-comers; they can't trust u that much.
Find things that u can do today and everyday that will speak for u tomorrow when u finally get to ur place of calling.
I write everyday, so when my books become bestsellers u wouldnt really be surprised I got there, rather u would be surprised if my books don't become bestsellers.

2. Do your research
Quote me anyday anytime and I will prove it to u that Ctrl+C n Ctrl+V works in the real world.
In this information age, I am pleased to let u know that there's nothing u want to do that no one has done before...nothing! U might just tweak it a lil to add a sense of originality to it. There's nothing new!!

Before u start dreaming of becoming a TV presenter u must have researched intensely on the top all time TV preseneters! When u feed on their biographies/autobiographies u:
(a) will realise that success is plain and straightforward
(b) will realise that there's nothing particularly fantastic about the steps they took
(c) will discover their first steps and from that u will find a direction for urself

My mentor will say "knowledge is the new world currency"
And the implication of this statement is that the more knowledge u have the more financial power u have, so with abundance of knowledge u can afford to possess anything.

3. Money is not your problem
Motivational speakers keep saying this, we keep reading it in books but we still dont get it! Money is not your problem!
Money can never be..there is a lot of free money flying around on a daily basis, people are tired of investing in stocks markets, they are looking for dynamic, visionary and passionate youths to invest in. Cheques are being signed off daily as investments into individual ideas or corporate ideas.

Like I have said in the previous point, people just want to see your past balance sheets

Now, because persons don't understand that money is not a problem they subject themself to a job/career that is off course with the intention of raising enough funds within the 5/10/15yrs they will be in employment..break off and the go on to fund their ideas!
This is not right! If ure working for the experience fine, but don't work because u need time to raise funds that u will use to fund ur ideas..it is sheer waste of time, that money is available now! As in right now!! Go and grab it with ur compelling idea

4. Ideas rule the world
People will not invest in an idea they don't believe in..that is why there are ideas and there are ideas; there are ideas that make u lifeless and there are ideas that give u dominion.
Ideas rule the world and make life miserable for those who don't nurture it.
The best thing that can happen to you is to watch people pay for ur ideas..it rocks!
That is why entrepreneurs are blessed! The first day I sold pre-launch copies of my book, a father paid #10,000 for my book that I had initially tagged #500..why because ideas rule the world
See all of those on Forbes list today, men that have nurtured their ideas and have grown it into global solutions, why wont they command wealth of nations?
Entrepreneurship is fun and I can be sure that was part of God's intent as he was said "be fruitful and multiply"

5. Have a working relationship with God
If u have christ u have all things
Salvation is free, but it is not cheap. Christ paid the price, but abiding in Christ doesnt come cheaply it calls for sacrifice

6. Have a relationship with men
Wrong company can transform u from hero to zero. I think I have over-stressed the essence of networking in my previous posts

7. Confess your dreams daily

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lessons: Day to day thoughts

Learn to tip
Learn to give, it is a responsibility
Tipping is not bribery, get over that clumsy excuse

Make each day count
It's the best gift u can give to urself
When the psalmist said "teach us to number our days"
To me he meant help us to make our days tangible; because really u can't count the intangible.

Talk right
Treat urself to at least one intellectual conversation per day.

Be value oriented
Become a person of value
And of value to others
Value people

Dress right
U need not earn big to look big
Dress for where u are going and not where u are.

Sell self
U are ur best marketer
Don't be shy to sell urself; no one can sell U better than U

Be positive
U are not sad because things are bad, things are bad because u are sad.
What u think of the matter is more important than d matter itself

Know Him
If u have Christ u have all things
Impossibility doesn't exist in ur world

Excellence just like character more often than not does betray those that are in lack of it

For the love....
U are not to young to do what u love
Don't be deceived by that fat pay cheque

Who are u?
People don't respect 'nobody's
U just have to be somebody

It's no point reading all of these if won't change how u roll
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Saturday, September 25, 2010


I have a word for her
A word for her people
I have a message
One that I yearn to deliver to all

But if I speak now not all men will hear me
And even if I speak now who will listen
They will question my identity
They will taunt my credibility

How can I teach values where I'm not valued
Teach when I've not been taught
Teach principles when I'm not yet a principal
Teach when I'm not in touch

So I choose not to speak just yet
I don't wanna use mere words
Action indeed speaks louder than words
So I do today the things that will speak tomorrow

Like a lab rat
I test my findings on self
I live by my principles
I sample out my insights

With lips sealed I do the work
I work the talk
That I might yet speak again
With leaps sealed my work does the talk

Soon to become an inspiration
A model and a mentor
Soon my ideas will become reality
As my work talks the talk

Then her people will hear me
Her people will listen
As I deliver the message of.....

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just so you know..

It is not everything that you will labour for in life
When God shines his favour on u, a series of mistake will make a success story for u and until u get a good grip of this u might ignorantly continue to place too much relevance on effort.

The concept potrayed in the movie "inception" is not anything extraordinary, it's simply an inkling to an everyday principle that we've previously overlooked.
Friend, may I be pleased to let u knw that by living a life of success I am living in the dream of the creator of the earth.
By having a laptop on my desk, I am living in Bill Gate's dream
And the fact that ure reading my blog enjoying my insights showss clearly that u are living in my dream!
So inception is not anything new....wee plant ideas daily and live in each other's ideas

Many persons don't understand the difference between vision and mission, and even if we overlook that, we can say many people don't have a defined vision and mission for their life.
May I ask you at this moment for what your vision and mission for life is?
Your vision statement spells precisely what u will become at the end of ur journey while ur mission statement spells how u will get there.
Vision - to transform lives
Mission - singing for change, writing for change, conveying ur message through music and movies, etc.
Until we come to define our vision and spell out our mission statement, we might be getting carried away with the achievements of others...But I say to you, before you envy Mr J's achieivement, is that achievement a part of ur mission for life? Does it have any link to ur life's vision?

More often that not we assume busy-ness. 
"I've been choked up" "I've got loads of work to do"
But when we get too busy for the people that matter to us, there is a problem. Success thrives on relationships, take time to build on it else u will work so hard and wake up some day to realise that ure all alone in all of ur achievements.

Low self esteem is common in our country, don't join them!
People have been afflicted with the wrong definition of 'humility' and so in a bid to please man and appear blameless before God they shy away from selling themselves, however we don't know that the world is a marketplace and it takes quality self-marketing to attract the good of the land.
Be assertive, present yourself like you are the best at what you do because really you are the best at what you do (Paul says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me") Raise your shoulders high like the one who Christ has truly strengthened.

You're not the first person to be stabbed by friends, get over it and move one with your life
You're not the first person to fail in business, get over it and move on with your life
You're not the first person to sin, get over it in prayer of forgiveness and move on with your life
You just need to forget the past so you can have a future!

The best way to start is to start anyhow

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I should be talking but I'm not talking
I should be sharing but I'm not sharing

Maybe I'm not reading enough
Maybe I'm not learning enough
No! Poor learning can't be the case
Not with the 'pepper' I've been seeing in recent times

I just need my solitude
A world with no phones, no twitter, no Facebook
I just need my solitude
A world where all I have is my computer,a table and a chair
I just need to think
To think deeply and cry freely
To think deeply and laugh alone as I make discoveries
To think freely and dance solo as I receive insight

I just need to talk out loud to myself in that empty room

8hours of solitude will do
8hours of 'shut up' from this world

I have something to say but its not something I can say in a hurry
Its a burden that can't be off-loaded too quickly

I will yet seek my solitude
I'm really not asking for too much
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Talk to my friend

so I've missed soooo many juicy stuffs on ur blog...I ws at "confessions" (Tues blog) and took a peep...mehn! I knew I had missed.
being going through sch stuff, stress and all...a course I failed has been hunting me and slowing me down...just not been myself.
and PLEASE I need you to write something for me...PLEASE...ur blog did a lot of good last semester...having the toughest courses and passing them while reading blogs evryday....I just need a word...a scripture...I'm fading...like seriously...but I want to get back.

In response I said:
I will write sumtn tonite then
I know where this heading, as in I can absolutely relate wit wat ure goin through

The problem is jst a perspective issue
Things changed not because the enviroment changed, but they changed bcos u changed
Hence, success is first within, then without

And bring it down to u
U did not change, ur views only changed
Ur perspective changed
Success was once a 'small deal' in ur eyes
But now its a BIG deal

Hw dd it become a big deal?
U stopped sayin "bcos I had A in physics I can make 'A's in all other courses"
Ur new language is now "because of this unexpected F who knows wat might happen next"

U feel me?
Its just ur perspective that changed!
If u don't believe urself, I believe in u
Success is overrated
Success is cheap!
As long as u pay the price - read ur books
 My Friend will appreciate it if you could share words of encouragement with her...please leave a comment.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Write it..

Today I came across some old journal I've been keeping since late 2005
And as I flipped through the pages, I laughed at how hard I tried to make first class honours, I laughed at some other random dreams, I was inspired by some of the things God showed me way back, I was touched by a couple of poems and as I flipped to a particular page I shed tears.
I wrote just 3 lines on dat page
This was wat I wrote:
I will write a book
I will write books

Please write down ur dreams, it is not for now but for life
Be inspired!

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Leke Alder

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my senior mentor

Leke Alder
Born as an only child, Leke Alder’s dream from childhood was to be a lawyer, though he is gifted in many areas. This was after watching a television documentary about a successful lawyer. He attended Igbobi College and Kings College before proceeding to Obafemi Awolowo University, where he graduated as a lawyer. His studying law according to him was an accident.
He was admitted into Kings College and was making preparations to travel to England for a British Caledonian (Airways) Scholarship when he heard about Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination from his friends. He took the exam, made good grades, got into school and won himself a scholarship, one out of the then available five slots.
While in University as an undergraduate, his passion for art grew. His love for writing, painting, design and photography led to his hosting an art exhibition as a law student. His exhibition was successful with more than 2000 people in attendance that the Guardian newspapers reported it. He also ran a chamber and argued cases for students, for a fee.

Upon graduation, he practiced for two years in a law firm. Having discovered himself, his abilities and talents, he wanted to do more. So he resigned. At the age of 26, newly married with no money in his pocket, he started cartooning and designing. Then one day, an idea came to him. He took down all the frames, the wedding gifts that was given to them, removed all the pictures inside and replaced them with his cartoons made on a cardboard paper he bought for N17. 50k. That evening he took them to church and kept them at the back of the church. At the end of the service, worshippers rushed his product and he made between N147 to N250. That singular act was all the motivation he needed to launch out. Before long people were buying his paintings for N40, 000 and more.
Due to the nature of his job and for the fact that he was working from home, the fun quickly faded. In the bid to come up with what to do, he came up with the idea of applied arts. That means he can do one piece and reproduce it. And so people began to meet him for advice. In providing solution for their problems, he produces the kind of design that suited what they wanted. His works attracted a Lebanese. The job he did for the Lebanese attracted the Italian embassy. And then other embassies.
One thing led to another and people started paying him millions just to give advice. For instance a three page advice made it possible for a company struggling, to make over N100 million within six months. In return, the company gave him a N1 million retainership. Each work done attracted a different client. Each satisfied client referred another. And so from one room apartment and with N70 as start-up capital, he began to advice individuals, corporations, embassies and governments. That was how Leke Alder and his team at Alder Consulting introduced modern branding in Nigeria. Other companies in the group are Alder Media, Alder Research and Alder IT.
One day, he invited some of his friends over from accounting, advertising, law, banking etc for a brainstorming session. With a marker and cardboard he talked about what the vision of an organization should be and what a policy of government should be. For 8 hours, seated in an uncomfortable chair with no food, his friends were dazzled with knowledge and information on how things should be. Little did he know that what he has just done is conducting a seminar. They were so impressed that they requested for another session. This time invitation was extended to their wives, husbands, friends and colleagues. And from morning till 7pm they were listening to him. The only difference this second time is that he remembered to provide refreshments. Thereafter, banks and other organizations started consulting him.
In appreciation to God for His goodness, he decided to start evangelism cards. With the creativity he brought into the production of these cards, they became highly successful and by the end of the first month he had given out about 400,000 pieces for free. It was during this time that a young man seeked his assistance in turning his business of selling imported typewriters around. He applied the concept of the evangelism cards as a means of creating awareness. People were very impressed. The concept caught the attention of the first mobile phone company that had just been set up then. They request for a proposal and the rest as they say is history.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Still on that 'one word'

The bible says

No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.
- 1Cor 10:13 (NIV)

The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure.
-1 Cor 10:13 (NLT)

The economic implication of this scripture is that there is no problem that you are faced with that is not common to those in your environment or those in your shoes.

The interesting thing is that God is telling you that there is a solution to that problem

If u can provide the solution to your own problem, then u have solved the problem of a whole lot of people and u only need to commercialize that solution for it to bring you financial rewards.

Always remember that the owners of ideas are the rulers of the world
Hence they say ideas rule the world

One word

I was invited to speak at a youth meeting in my local church on the first Sunday of the month and I blessed them with this powerful opener:

Many atimes when we listen to sermons the preachers ask us to pray to God for one word and often times we see the 'one word' concept as a complex one, we expect it to be one scripture that we've never come across before, a new dimension to a scriptural verse we've always known and all of that..

But the 'one-word' concept has relevance both in the spiritual and in the secular, and like our elders will say 
"a word is enough for the wise"
The Yoruba will say "abo oro ni a nso fun omo oluwabi, to ba de inu re aa di odindi"
which means half-word is enough for a wise child, by the time he processes it internally, it will become whole.

Most celebrated men who once had down moments always do often times refer to short, simple statements that ignited them at some point in their life.

I was fascinated by the one word that led to the turn around of this young millionaire, James Murray Wells.

His story dates back to 2004 when he discovered he neeeded to start wearing spectacles, quoting him he became suspicious about how "essentially some wire and two pieces of glass could cost  £150"

For Jame Murray Wells "the pair of glasses costs £150" was his 'one word'
Triggered by this, he researched the optical market, contacted manufacturers then individual workers until a technician told him that a pair of glasses selling for  £150 costs only £7 to make.
Inspired by this, at age 22 he created a website selling spectacles directly to the public, initially funding his business using the remains of his student loan.

In its first year of business, Murray wells's new company Glasses Direct sold 22,000 pairs of glasses, and had an annual turnover of £1m
In 2009 Glasses Direct had 70 employees and sold a pair of glasses every 3 minutes.
Feb 2010, James Murray Wells set up hearingdirect.com, mirroring the business model of Glasses Direct, selling hearing aids online.

On Forbes.com where I first found him, he was ranked amongst top 10 entrepreneurs that become millionaires before graduation from college.

Young folks are doing things....e fit be u oh

You see, this is the kind of money I crave for.
Every solution today was yesterday's problem and every problem today is an opportunity craving to reward greatly the one who can profer a solution.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I miss you
We should be here together
We should be on this side together
You should have crossed the bridge the time I did
We should be up from our sleep now
Living the dreams we dreamt all night

You should be up by now
But you're still in bed
Fast asleep
Dead asleep it seems

Staying up now I feel lonely
It has been good on this side
But good is not good enuf on this side
Not good enough if it's me and not us

But I believe in you
I've seen your work
So I know your worth
I know your capabilities

I just need to be a little more patient
With patience this waiting period will fade away
It will fade at the break of day
It will fade as the clouds unfold

And like the rising sun u will shine
You will shine so bright that u will rule ur world
Then we will stand before all men
As we declare that:
Dreams come true

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It's always funny how we are very knowledgeable but we consider wisdom as the exclusive reserve of the old. If the definition of wisdom are by any chances "the application of knowledge" then maybe wisdom is not as overrated as we perceive it to be.

It is not the knowledge of the truth that sets free, it is the knowledge and application of the truth that sets free.

We attach too much relevance to knowledge while we neglect the 'working knowledge' which is wisdom! That is why third world nations celebrate certificates while world leading nations celebrate discoveries!

I was looking at this knowledge - wisdom thing and I realised how I have not been 'wise' in some of my doings, so I zeroed in on my confessions

source: google images
They say
"the future u do not profess, u cannot access"
"ur confession determines ur destination"
and all of the long rhymes

U know I always say it that most of the things I'm experiencing today are things I confessed in the past, they are products of those long hours, short moments that I spent with family and friends discussing 'the dream' and I just looked at it today that if this is something that has always worked why cant I tap into it fully by using it more often than I have ever done.

A mentor was sharing with me 2 weeks ago on effective power habits and one of the things he highlighted was that powerful men make powerful confessions, he told me he makes a 6 page confession on a daily basis before he leaves his home and a line I heard today took me back to the importance of what great things we can command just by the words of our mouth.

With words, the foundation of this earth was laid
God didn't see anything in the present but HE had a picture in mind and everything HE wanted to see, he called forth with his mouth.
It was working like magic
"And God said....and it was..."
"And God said....and it was..."
If indeed we are gods, then
"U can say....and it will be..."

God did not PICTURE the foundations of this world, he SPOKE them into existence. Therefore, even though it is  the mental picture that creates a future, it is the confession of the mental picture that provides the structure for the pictured future.
I have done a good job in the past months expanding my vision, it is time to build on my confession.
My friend, Gbenga Akano can never say anything negative...he's ever positive, no wonder he's commanding so much.
Bishop Oyedepo can never ever make a negative confession...ever optimistic in thoughts and in saying, no wonder he's confessing so much.

So as I start on this journey today, I am inviting you to join me!
I have started writing out the future I want for myself in my journal and as I wake up everyday I will be reading those things out and u will be here to see how things will change.

Write urs this nite, read it daily before u step out of bed.

It's a power habit for the powerful, don't settle for less.

Your confession in your confusion is the conclusion of your condition

Birthday shout out to the C.E.O of Restruct Consult, Mr Jayeade Aderounmu wish u many more years of greatness

Monday, September 13, 2010

The past and fruitfulness

Allow me to share some powerful revelation that ministers of God have been dropping on us in leadership school.
This one is hot...so there's a big possibility that u will scream when I'm done with the analogy, so watch ur environment!

This is about the Past and Fruitfulness

In the scriptures, we were made to understand that Joseph had two sons - Ephraim and Manasseh and when Jacob was about to pass away Joseph took them to Jacob's death bed and he positioned Ephraim on Jacob's left hand and Manasseh on the right, 
Israel stretched his right hand and placed it on Ephraim (who was on the left)
And placed his left hand on Manasseh (who was on the right)
Thus crossing his hands, he put his left hand on Manasseh the first born and his right hand on Ephraim who has the second born; and when Joseph noticed the crossing of the hand to stood up to correct his father, Jacob but Jacob affirmed it that he knew what he was doing saying 
"He too will become great, inspite of this his younger brother will even be greater and his descendants will become a multitude of nations"

What's the point?
If we go to the meaning of their names
Manasseh means "he made me to forget the past"
Ephraim means "he has made me fruitful"

So the message is this:
Now, most people (like Joseph did) think that u have to forget the past to become frutiful, 
but Jacob was passing a message that u have to be fruitful to forget the past.

When a woman is in labour she's in serious pain, she's groaning, she's screaming, crying and pushing - that is pain
But at the moment she delivers the child and she hears the cry of the new born all of the pain wipes away as she beams with joy and smiles

She had to be fruitful (deliver the baby) before she could forget the past (delivery pain)

So are you frustrated and angry with ur past, are u entrapped by unforgiveness and all those mind-bugging things? The solution to that is not setting out to correct the pain of yesterday, when u invest into something that will bring u joy and that thing finally yields, u wont even remember u had a tough past.

Do you feel like ure being afflicted by some unseen forces?
Know that in order to forget those that are pursuing u, u need to be pursuing something!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sabbath thots...

It's been an interesting Sunday majorly because I was privileged to hear my best Sunday sermon in 3 months and the blessings I received for the week came in mega packs.

I love Rev Sam Adeyemi and I'm always excited whenever I worship in Daystar christain centre..I pray that God will continue to enlarge him

I attended a second service that I didnt plan for in a second church and it's really exciting to see that the church has evolved. Pentecostal churches are doing WOW stuffs and it's now possible to refer to a couple of churches as 'cool'

And of cos there was radio service as well...so I went to plenty churches today!

Lemme just share a couple of things I learnt in church today.

Each one of us is a celebrity seed
The bible through Prophet Isaiah says to us "Arise and shine for the glory of God is risen upon thee"
We are called to 'shine'
Only stars shine, so if men are called to shine that means those men are stars and a 'star' is who u would refer to as a 'celebrity'
In essence, it is God's will for each one of us to excel in doing that one thing he has placed in our hand; and excel so much that the sons of men will begin to consider us a celebrities.

Your job is not your work
As God created man, he gave man 'work' to do and it was in the course of man's work that God provided him with a help mate.
Your job is not your work simply because your job is what man hires u to do...ur boss doesnt expect anyone to do it for u. Your work is however ur God-given assignment, it is ur purpose, the reason for ur existence and until u find work and ure actively engaged in carrying it out effectively and efficiently, the right help-mate might not come ur way.

People don't see the sacrifice
People don't see the sacrifice, it is the material they see.
In paying the price toward the right cause ppl dont always get it, it is when u suddenly spring up with a new car that they now begin to wonder if ure now a con-artiste "how could he have bought that?" "no, no, no...its not something he can afford"
However, once in a while we get carried away this remarks/opinions and so we shy away from reflecting our true self and the true glory of God at work in our life because of what people will say...I call that "medicority++"
..keep paying the price
Also "Whatever is worth living for is worth dying for" is often misinterpreted as a success principle that calls for intensive labour
When u are in ur place u can be blessed and not be stressed
It's not biblical to first suffer hardship and great depression before u amount to something meaningful in life

Success in christ is simple and straight forward, don't get it twisted!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I spent the better part of the day at "The interface"
The interface is what I would like to refer to as the naija version of TED and I had a great, lovely time out there. It's a programme with limited audience, seats have to be reserved before hand and it's for those in the creative industry leaving room for relevant networking platforms.

The interesting deal is that all of these super-duper things revolve in a circle, established folks in a give industry seem to have a connection of some sort with each other; though it's hard figuring out the link to its roots but there's a strong connection.
It's humbling when I have a good number of persons in the creative industry that I've met at different times in different places sitting down in the same room toward a common cause..u call that "networking toh bad"..lol

Fire recognises fire.

---original text removed by author---

What is that one thing ure a commited to achieve?
What is that one plant u water everyday?

Stay true to it
U will surely pull through!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Be responsible for your life and your living:
"It is not because circumstance changes that things changed, things changed because you changed"

The heart of your matter is a matter of your heart

Success is first within, then without:
The journey from rags to riches is an internal trip

Life is only a mirror, what it finds in ur heart is what it reflects in ur circumstances

What you do is different from who you are; it is your nature that determines your future, not your activity!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I see men as talents

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It's been a great week so far in Leadership school and it has indeed been a season of refreshing.

I have no doubt in my heart that has sent me back to school for a reason and one thing I always ask God to do for me is to help me tap fully into the reason for the hour.

I've had transportation issues too many times this week....from car not being available, to d available one breaking down, to my friend's car also breaking down, to another car breaking down, jonzing change in Danfo... and in all these things I know God is saying something, it's only a matter of time till I get full grasp of what He is talking about.

I love the way God operates!
He atimes appears coded in His ways,  but by the time u understand his ways, u realise that the code is sooo plain and it has been there all this while"

Friendship is the gift of man that God gave to man
In that parable Jesus taught of the master that gave one talent to one, two to another and five to a third, and they did business with it...upon the return of the master, the one with five had earned another five, the second with two had earned two and the one with one remained the same.

I linked this to relationships, people that don't mix have issues making headway.
The one that had one talent can be likened to an introvert that has just one friend, and u know how introverts who don't develop themselves could be so clingy; u become too clinged to that one 'best friend' 'boy/girl friend' and because of that comfort that the one friend offers, u dont see a need to grow ur network.
"Life is just me and my bestie"
"Life is just me and my boo"

But see the man that had two friends in his inner circle, he went ahead to meet those that his two his friends valued as well and he earned himself an expanded network of friends. What started as a circle of 3 grew into a happier circle of 5.

The one that had 5 friends must have been a powerful networker, he understood the dynamics of team building, he was growth oriented, he had too much in him to be limited to a circle of 6, his high spirit made him a friend u will want to have, he was so loaded that everyone envied those that were friends with him, u could call him "that kind of friend that ur parents want u to have"
Soon enough friends were meeting friends and the circle grew into a circle of 11...what an increase!

Upon the return of the master,
He was welcomed with a 88.3% growth record from the team that grew from 6 to 11
And a 66.7% growth index from the team that grew from 3 to 5
Whilst there was a sad 0% increase from the team of 2 that remained as 2, as a matter of fact, the introvert was so much of a clinging friend that he couldnt even come out in public with his one and only friend...avoiding the possibility of that friend expanding his/her network.

Then the wise master caught a glimpse of a possible perfect growth rate and with much excitement he requested that friend that was left bored at home be made to join the balling circle!
Hence the team of 6 grew into a team of 12....which implied 100% growth

(Before u call that friend sly, don't u think uve been a boring friend all along and he/she has been finding it hard to cope with u all this while?
Stop clinging!)

God honours fun,
He honour growth
He honours those with large hearts (my mentor says until u have a lion's heart, u cant have the lion's share)

Don't dull God, expand ur heart, expand ur network
God cannot come down in person to bless you, but when a prophet says "God bless you" in effect, he is saying "Man bless you"
God is blessing you in the spiritual, but for the blessings to be made manifest, he has to do it through man....that is what "God created man in his own image"
the word "image" connotes physical
U rememeber "God is a Spirit and those that worship Him, must worship Him in spirit and in truth" rite?
That is while God is a Spirit,  Man is God in the physical

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It is ur right

I've had persons approaching me in a bid to have me contribute or express my quota/opinion on key issues and most times they like to start with
"I know ure busy and all but I really....."

And one of the things I discovered about life is that we humans have time to do anything and everything we set out to do in a day. As long as therez a strategic intellectual back bone in place.

If I spend 1hour to type a blog post, then something is wrong! 30mins, 45mins if its really long...and I'm done!
But this only comes that fast after I've been provoking myself through the course of the day with new information!
I write everyday but I don't write all day!

It is ur right to receive words of inspiration from me on a daily basis because uve paid for it.
Visiting this site is all d price u need to pay!
I'm on earth solely to help men grow and u need to understand how I feel when I type these words daily, it feels like a 'Usain Bolt' record breaking moment.
I'm all about adding value, so I have time for it

Speaking on Sunday left with an insatiable thirst for more speaking platforms, u see I just want to share that story, I just wanna teach those principles, I just want to ignite a soul, I just want to be instrumental to someone's turnaround.
It's a burning desire!

That's why I'm looking for more hands to work with, seeking to make more contributions

So when next u feel I carry something that can add to u or u feel like rubbing minds with me, hit me up on a personal
Email tolulopeakanni@yahoo.com

It's ur right
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a father will tell his tell his 25yr old son is different from what he will tell his 2yr old son.

He will most likely tell his 2yr old son
"I want to buy u biscuits, mini-bicycles" and all of that

But when a 25yr old is in his father's presence, u'l begin to hear things like
"If u can do X, in addition to Y, I will give u half of my estate"
"This is how u handle d cement plant...."

Now, if these two sons walk out of their father's presence they will tell it to anyone that cares to listen
"Daddy said....."
"Daddy said...."

This is what happens when we are in the presence of God!
God relates with us on our level, HE doesn't give u more than u can handle. In essence, the extent of the revelation you receive from God is a function of your maturity!

Are you bothered by those who seem to catch questionable revelations from the scriptures?
God speaks to men based on their level of maturity! And remember HE doesn't speak english, men just find words to describe what HE shows them
What men saw as doves in ages past, some saw as aircrafts n that is why the ones that saw aircrafts are flying aircrafts today!
When a farmer hears God promising 10folds for the month of september, he's thinking crops; when I hear 10folds, I'm thinking book sales!

I hope you are getting my drift?

So when u read n u do all those other mind-stretching activities, ure not just doing it to improve ur stance in d league of d successful, ure positioning urself for greater insights n revelation from d heavens.

God is looking for means to accelerate ur success, give Him a platform for that
A farmer only needs to put his seeds before God
An artiste, his album
A fashion designer, his products
What are u putting before God?
Daddy speaks daily, what is HE saying to you this day?

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Monday, September 6, 2010

DLA begins..

Great day, great start with DLA.

It feels good to be back to school, feels great to be back to a learning environment, I'm seeing a lot of possibilities ahead of these 3weeks..I'm seeing a great networking advantage, I'm happy to see some of my CU favourites coming for DLA and I'm pretty much excited to see what things we can pull off within that small circle in the days ahead.

I don't joke with second opportunities bcos they rarely come our way and when they come, they come as a special package from the one who sees it all, so I'm praying that the one, two, three, four, five, ten things that God has packaged for me for this season will not elude me.

Opportunities, don't joke with it!

It was just yesterday I was telling someone that I'm just a hunter waiting for the next opportunity to pounce on...and I feel to a large extent that success is an opportunity-hunt!
This is what that great man saw when he said that
"the future belongs to those who recognise opportunities long before they become obvious"

In other words, the future belongs to the smart opportunity-hunters!
This opportunity-hunt is what is keeping individuals like myself in this country because this country is a loaded hunting field, and it is because there's plenty to kill that we keep floating in the realms of exploits.

What are u making out of that opportunity u have now?

It is my desire to have my loved ones who are not occupied for the next 3 weeks coming around for Daystar Leadership Academy(DLA) basic leadership course....if uve read the foreword of my book, u should recall how DLA was referenced as a period of intense empowerment for me, that was where I caught my fire years back and I'm here to catch explosives this time around because I'm tired of burning, its time to explode!

A pastor came around to our house today and told me that he has read my book back-to-back 2 times! He said he always feels like jumping up to shout and scream everytime he reads the book and he prayed and prayed and prayed for me today.

This is the dream - impact.
Sowing words into lives so that babies will emerge as giants..that is the dream. I will not rest until A-Z is celebrated on the international platform, because that indeed is the mandate; I am born of God, therefore I am a god. God sent his son Jesus to the world and Jesus became a global brand just because of a 33year impact-filled stay on earth.
I am a god, I will not stop until I reflect the glory of my father on a global platform, and emerge a global brand in his name.

Don't stop reading...
There's more to come

Be inspired!

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday showers

This Sunday has been amazing as the heavens showered us into the day with the early morning showers!

As is typical of every other rainy morning, it was much of a task getting out of bed, but I had no choice....anything for God!

The service was refreshing as the pastor launched into a new series on Personal Development, I really didn't enjoy Sunday School like that cos it was barely 15mins into the class when I received a message that I would be the one speaking at the youth's meeting in the evening!

I could remember the coordinator had told me about it way earlier and even though he wasn't sure of the date, I had assured him that "I'm always ready"
It didn't dawn on me until that time, fine I was ready, I have loads of speech-worthy topics hence deciding what to teach on became a big issue!
I love these guys and my heart is always yearning to see how I can help them improve their living standard by provoking their thought pattern, I was ready to teach them all I know, but I had just 40mins to do my thing.
Yet I merged 4 lectures into one and I miraculously delivered it all within a record time of 33mins n there was still room 4 question and answers!!
I had crazy fun sharing my practical experiences with them, I felt that connection....that silence was there....every minute I spent holding that mic meant something to me.
My favourite part was the point when God dropped an inspiration on 'spirituality in d school of success' on me. It wasn't on my script, I didn't think of it previously but it came with the spur of that moment, and it will interest u to know that the person who gave d closing remark said those words went down his spine as I made that illustration.

I feel like God's tool for the hour, a gift to this generation indeed!

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

PAYBACKs & REWARDS: The conduct

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Every system/organisation in the world has an operational creed. There are laws by which day-to-day activities are bound and even though innovation doesn't support strict adherence to the status quo, it will be safe for u to live by them else u'll come crashing like a pack of cards.

Live by the rules but don't be imprisoned by it.

For the past couple of months I've been doing business with a particular organisation and it wasn't until yesterday that I discovered there wasn't something I wasn't exactly doing right, it was a bit embarassing when I was made to realize that, and even though I didn't get it at first, when a close partner explained the rationale behind it for me I screamed with joy! cos it was a mega discovery.

What did I learn?
I learnt a lesson on favours.

When someone does something for you that he's not obliged to do for you, or let's say something that ure not paying for, it is considered a favour.
Favour will be considered an unmerited aid.

The Rationale
Naturally as human we take advantage of favours as a leverage to get someone to be under our sphere of influence.
If I get u a job
"he's the one that got me that job"
"he drops me off at home after work daily"
And over time, more often than not, this person I'm favouring loses his/her ability to say NO to me.

Favours could be dangerous!
"The borrower is servant to the lender" is not limited to loans & credits.

We all somehow depend on favours to explore new realms and greater heights, so there's a need to realize that favours can be dangerous and it can place a form of demand on u that may force u to make irrational decisions and poor judgement.

So watch it!

The Golden rule
There's a golden rule behind favours and it's as simple as
Always payback favours as soon as u can else u remain indebted for ever.
When u payback on time, it is perceived as the MAIN payback, but when u payback later on it perceived as ONE OF THOSE payback benefits...meaning there's more to come!
The moment he gets u a job, even before ur first salary comes, buy his wife a sack of rice, buy him an expensive bottle of wine or simply buy him a shirt.
That way he knows uve paid back, even though he might want to place a demand on u in the nearest future, he will think twice before asking because he's aware uve paid ur dues.
If he's asking for too much, remind him of the time u appreciated him with ur gifts and make him realize u would have done what he's asking for if it were within ur means.

An unreturned favour is an open cheque! 
It leaves u vulnerable, the one who favoured u can arrive at anytime and just ask for anything whether convenient or not....and ure now beclouded with the thought of
"Chai! I've never done anything to repay this man that favoured me so much, I just have to do this"

Powerful negotiators know this and take full advantage of this!
I almost learnt this the hard way, don't make the same mistake I recently made.

Pay back on time!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Content vs Packaging

Content vs Packaging

This was Dami's status message on BBM and I was particularly fascinated by the school of thought that birthed this philosophical question, so it didn't take time for me to open up a conversation on this subject.

We spent hours discussing this issue and it was a refreshing discussion indeed!

My stand point:
I already put it in my book that
And I extensively discussed this, while sharing everyday analogies to prove my point.

And do u know that everything I've ever taught in my career can be easily linked to this formula?
I screamed with joy to the heavens the day this amazing summary of success jumped on me and even though persons have attempted to question summarising things into formulas, I always remind them of my science background.

Since PRODUCT is same as CONTENT, in this context I will stick to the word 'content'
Success = Content + Packaging + Positioning

If u are faced with the Content vs Packaging question, what side will u pick?

I want to answer this yet it won't be answer after all

Answering this myself, I will pick packaging!
The world thinks "it's a packaging world"
That's why all we care about in music is the beat! If we were to judge by the lyrics (content) of Jonzing world for example, that would be worst song released this year but Don Jazzy did too well with the beat (packaging) so we can't stop listening.
Packaging is the way of the world!

Lets visit the church, that guy that preaches on the street in a long robe with his raggy bible in one hand and a bell on another might have the deeepest of insights into the scriptures but it will be hard to believe him as against that neatly dressed, tall and handsome pastor in that air-conditioned auditorium! We don't care how much of the word (content) he know, all we care about are the proofs...his fancy cars, clothes, accessories (packaging)

But again I'm tempted to believe that it's a value based world inasmuch as we think it's a packaging world!
If that pastor, as fine and fresh as he is, can't drop the right word, u won't wait a 3rd Sunday before u leave the church.
But how many will actually leave the church, many will stay back in the name of 'due season'

It's a complex one!

Heading back to my most precious postulate, u might want to think that content and packaging is enough. I'm sorry, it is not enough!  Positioning is a major joker that brings u 'win's at all times!

In my book where I analysed this postulate, I talked about two different enviroments where u can sell a bottle of coke, a road side cooler and a posh hotel. Coke sells for #500 in the latter and it sells for #50 in the former!
The content is Coke fluid, the packaging is that fine bottle but it's success wouldn't be complete until it is positioned in a kind of fridge, u know there are fridges and there are fridges......positioning!

In conclusion, look at the irony of my own success lemme share something I realized while I was having this talk with Dami in d morning. When I keep saying it that the book 'A-Z Life lessons' is only a COMPILATION of my written thoughts within 365days, many don't get the concept behind d 'compilation'

Everything I write, I publish, could be on Facebook, my blog, magazines e.t.c
which means each one of the chapters in A-Z has been published long before it came up in a book! Every single chapter! If u have time go and search.
This implies that I've always had the content, it has always been packaged it into an article/blog post/Facebook note but these articles had to be positioned in something as unique as a book before I could stand before kings!

If I had not received the inspiration from God to position it into a book, there would have been no fantastic success story to share.

Be inspired

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No source, no river

A river that disconnects from its source will soon dry up

This discovery is not unrelated to my previous post on 'Synergy' where I went into details of entrepreneurs who forgo their first set of customer for the 'big boys' and soon find themselves crashing. Whereas they could have taken advantage of the satisfaction that the first set of customers derived  as a marketing advantage to effectively reach out to these 'big boys'

When a structure is having cracks or defect of any form, the first thing is to check the foundation.  When there's an electrical challenge, the first thing u do is to check the source!

When we want to discover mysteries behind success, we read up biographies because like I always quote "the secret of men lie in their stories"

So today something I've always known struck me again, and that is the fact that there are a fixed set of things that successful people do daily! 
Motivational writers have tagged it 'success habits' others 'power habits'
These habits are ever powerful and they are not things they just started doing after they became successful, they are things that brought success their way. 
At the John C. Maxwell conference 2 months ago he revealed that there are 5 things he does daily 
Ask questions

There's no day he doesn't do all these things, that's why he's yielding results!
He doesn't do these 5things all day, mind u, he does it daily....could be 1hr, 30mins, 5hrs.....he does them daily!

So it being the beginning of a new month, I paid my roots a visit. I went indepth in reviewing the things I did when I started this journey and I found quite a number of interesting stuffs at the root of this me. 

And I made a decision today, I decided to go back to school, I decided to head back to Daystar Leadership Academy (DLA). I was in DLA Sep 2005 just a couple of weeks before I resumed into Covenant University, and those of us that have been privileged to read my book should know what DLA did to my life. 
I need that enviroment again
8-1pm, weekdays for 3weeks @ #7,000 is a simple sacrifice yet a honourable investment. 
I really can't tell why God is laying it in my heart, but I know a surprise package awaits me.

Renewing the source
So that the river stays fresh