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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

These dreams

The burden of ambition
The struggle against ordinary
The crave for more
Slightly better
Slight mega
Slightly greater
The push
The drive
Can the future be here already?

It wasn't always like this
Early to bed, Early to rise used to be the order of the day
The longer the sleep, the longer the dream..cos dreams were infused in sleep

But with age came responsibilities
With age came these dreams
With age came aspirations
With age came these goals and the burden of success

As these aspirations got bigger
The nights became shorter

Day times have become too short for an early bed rest
And even when we get/fall on our beds early
Immediately, we start dreaming
These dreams again
Same bed, same dreams, different nites
Tables have turned
Dreams don't stand the same
Dreams now stand outside sleep
This time we are dreaming with our eyes wide open
The longer the dreams, the shorter the sleep

The longer the post, the more I crave sleep
Goodnite guys!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A year today

It was just around this hour 365days ago, fresh out of school, 7-day old Electrical & Electronics Engineering Second class upper degree holder. In the days that preceded, the only people I probably wanted to talk to were Jaye, Funsho, Modupe, Harry, Aniekan and Dami, they were the ones that had come around to help me put things together for the book launch.

I can remember the emptiness on my graduation day, I wasn't just feeling what most people were feeling, all I had on my mind was the launch. The launch came and it was awesome. Many things worked well, all the guests had a wonderful time..I had fun too; in fact looking at the video, I couldn't believe myself.

Everyone that was around when all of these things were happening could testify to it that God was indeed with me. Amazing things happened, great amazing things! Sorry if I hype this one book launch too much, I know many more of my books will be launched, even after I pass away, but there's nothing as magical as your first.

Just last month, my mom sent the book to a friend in the UK and this is what he had to say: 

"Very many thanks for blessing me with copies of your debut. I had a friend with me when i opened the large envelope. After flipping through a copy, he refused to release it. I have read my own copy twice and am keeping it jealously.
Probably unknown to you, you have spoken the mind of God about wisdom, to the young and the old, this generation and generations to come.
I am quite excited with what i saw and read but not surprised. Your mum and i used to discuss the progress of our children many years ago and i have always seen you as someone who has a message for his generation. I thank God for using you in this very special way. I find the book very insightful, moreso, it has a spiritual touch."

365days later I'm sitted on a couch in a neatly furnished 4bedroom apartment that I have all alone to myself in the city of Port Harcourt, my 12th night in this city, it has been raining all day so I've just been pretty chilled, eating as much as I can while reflecting all day. I've talked to many people today and after their congratulatory messages they wanna know when I'm dropping my next book, some wonder why there are cob webs all over my blog and it might be surprising if I say I don't even have answers to some of these questions. I consciously took a break, but seeing as this break was taking too long I decided to break this silence.

I want to bring my blogging mojo back, I like this 30 day ish people have been blogging on, but some of the topics are just to fresh for me...I don't even know what they mean x_x

I would like to talk about how work has been in Port Harcourt some other time, I would like to talk about my observations. I would like to talk about my upcoming book as well. I would like to talk about how lazy I have been in certain aspects of my life. I would love to talk about my new dreams. I would like to talk about some of my fears. I would also like to talk about  my job search. I would like to talk about my inexistent romantic life and something I call the problem of over ambition.
Maybe I have my own list already, just maybe!

But I wrote this piece for one very key reason, and that is to appreciate God before all men. I don't know what things I do to deserve the things He has blessed me with, I've messed up on many levels but He has always been faithful. I love God and I believe Him in a most unique way, I can't find the right words to describe how much I believe God, but I must say I am a BELIEVER. Judging from the environment in which I grew up, judging from my average background, there are many things that my hands have touched that most people that were in those shoes with me are yet to dream of touching, God put me on another level and gave me bragging rights. I'm not the best, but I could have been worse. So as Paul said in 1Cor 1:31 "Let him that boasts boast in the Lord" This day I look at my CV and I boast in this one God. 

"Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof" this journey just started!