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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Too blessed to be stranded

When I got to the airport today and my 12:40 flight became impossible and I had to reschedule with extra 4k involved, I just said "God what r u up to? I'm too blessed to be stranded!"

I thought about d fun lined up for me in Lagos
O's surprise beach paree
The charity outing with Skye high guys
O's dinner @ Oriental hotel
Plans, movement....arrrgggghhhh!!!
I was furious!

The only reasonable option Virgin left me with was 4 me to move 2mrw!
What does an extra day in Abuja mean?
Extra sales? Paparazi? Fun? What? What what???

I picked another flight and I left d airport. All along I was already having d radio interview I was spsd 2 hv been scheduled for 2day if nt 4 my early departure; so I called the FRCN reporter that approached me after yday's programme and she was excited to hear that I had rescheduled my flight, she called me back in like 20mins and I was up for 9pm on FRCN Kapital FM, 92.9 FM Abuja.

First time on radio was good; I was live on a particular radio show and after that I did a recording for a monday morning show. Double blessings uhn?
There was this UK based presenter that couldn't hold it back, she was too impressed with what I was up to, she practically vowed to talk about me n my book everytime she's on air, in board meetings n she has begged me to come back to Abuja soonest. The reporter I met earlier made me understand that shez nt normally lik dat, so I shldnt see it as lyrics, she was like "dis 1 she luvs u lik dis"
N in my mind I was lik "Jesus na wa oh"

Had my 1st meal @ 11:40pm @ a friends house. I was to angry n later too anxious n then to angry to feel hunger. Late nights in dis city ehn. As in we were ther till it was almost 1am n evry1 was very comfy, up n alert.

Back to gidi 2mrw
Worshipping in some high class church here - COZA
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Friday, July 30, 2010


I came into the town of Abuja with a thought bag filled with possibilities and see what God has done, my dreams did come true.

There's no city/town in this world that I will go to that won't feel the wave of the reflection of the God that is in me, and this impact comes almost completely effortlessly!

Success makes most sense when it is an attitude not a stage act, I mean u talk d way u wld normally talk if u we're to b off spotlight wen u r @ d center of attraction and d entire world goes WOW n ure like I've not even made any effort! I've not even dropped a sweat!

This is d life that I'm living and I feel privileged to be d apple of God's eyes.

Words fail me as I try to express d depth of my gratitude to God and the measure of Joy in my heart.

I appreciate u guys cos I know u always pray 4 me n u always drop powerful comments that just propels me every hour of my life. Thank u!

A friend I inducted into d Leke Alder fan club - Logo Francis, sent me a message some hrs back n I dunno I've read it lik 10times already!

Have a look:

"i ve not said a word or dropt a comment since ur book launch...while followin' closely, tryin 2 stay as far off as possible, this really makes me enjoy your success more,... from far off, u got a broda view and u could watch nd learn...seen all the pictures, tv flicks, went thru d book.
neva knew GRACE 10, would start to birth this fast,
so strong to trailblaze a people dat wld shock d world...
havent had my copy yet, so b sure u got a 1,000 hangin' somewhere dat will surely b yours, got to have it soonest.
...so tryin to avoid using d word "congrates", reservin' it for bigger things&stages, u will say i said so...
stay glued to an organised life courtesy your small "to do" booklet where u fire d big shot frm...+ neva get distracted, there SO MUCH WORK TO B DONE."

It felt like another mail from Alder mehn!
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feeling this all the way

Today has been great! If not for anytin else I sold my first set of copies in this town.

It was cool hooking up with different peeps around town. The 5copies per person chain seems to be a perfect strategy! Most ppl get scared of 20, 10 copies buh we say "ahn ahn just 5 copies now" they start thinking possibilities.

I love this city, I thing is prominent; people look happy with life that obvious frustration that is prominent in lagos is absent and there's no place I've walked into that I've not seen a CU rep. We just all ova mehn!

Banners in strategic places up town
Tomorrow nite will be mega and I'm sooooo sure the audience will love me!
I saw my profile in Thisday newspaper, imagine since Sunday I just saw it in a friends house; I dunno where thisday got that picture from oh. Its definitely one pic I took in wayback 200lvl!!!!!

Had fun @ Rachael's today. They begged n begged us to eat, buh we were already filled up. Her generous mum launched my book sha :-D God bless u ma!!!

More sales distribution slated for tomorrow. I can't believe I'm leaving this early men, but God knows best. I sure would be back to this city!!
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm loving life in this place mehn!
It feels great being a first timer in dis zones, loads of freshness up here. For once I'm enjoying improved sanity in Nigeria.

The regular lagos traffic aggression that spills into err1's personal life is inexistent, nerves r calm here.

I'm privileged to have great hosts! Nice rides, enuf cash n al
Good food.. Foooooooooood, I love food!

Sales chain distribution starts tomorrow. I'm happy there's a lot of hype already for the bookjam like we cruisin up town n I just decided to scan their radio stations n as I was doing that I just heard "Tolulope Akanni....bla bla bla" on radio!
Mehn, I just screamed "this is d dream!!!!!"

I'm believing God 4 d very best and I trust u guys r with me in prayers

I'll b back with more testimonies

@NakedSha, I hope this will be the last blog transition sha....in a way I just love d transitions its like writing different books, write one, move on to the next, on n on lik dat.

Quotes from archives:
"The future belongs to those who recognise opportunities long before they become obvious"

"Each time I wake up in the morning and I realise my name is not yet on the forbe's richest list, I dress up and I go to work"

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Seriously, what is He up to?

Shopping with mum was pretty interesting!
Two birthdays tomorrow
Another wedding on the way
And with me being the #1 taste consultant in this house, she couldn't have asked for a better shopping companion
What trips me most about shopping is that it gives me that board room experience..funny how I could be in the midst of local trader under the hot afternoon sun and still remember life within those chilled, cozy four walls they call boardrooms uhn?
But really, that's what it feels like

I was able to print my business card, my Abuja corporate swag is on!
YAY!!! I saw Bukola today! hmmm.........since december. We didn't have much time to talk tho but it was cool seeing her.

I got a phone call this afternoon to come speak to some youths at an empowerment summit, the theme of the summit is Identity Chronicles, and I've been asked to speak on BEYOND LIMITS come Thursday, 12th of August, 2010.
I'm in love with that topic, it's a perfect one for me, u knw I keep getting worried about people limiting themselves and al of those sturvs n with this topic coming my way...I have no doubt in my heart that the things I will be sharing with them will be better and more relevant in practical terms that anyother thing they have read anywhere

The lecture delivery concept I have is absolutely maddddddddddd.......it didn't take time for me to start picturing that day and I could almost write my speech within that same hour I got the call, but I'm taking it slow and steady sha..........but again, that intro concept that jumpedon me this night is absolutely on point!

God has a fantastic sense of humour, I wonder what He's up to with this speaking engagement cos I gave myself the target of selling 1000copies of my book by 12th of August
I'm supposed to be closing this blog on the night of that August12
(did I mention it that there's a website on the way? A-Z life lessons website...that's where I will be blogging next)
So why is God bringing this speaking engagement my way?
It is some what is some what significant and it has a message in it, hope the almighty will reveal unto His servant in due time.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Robert H. Schuller speaks...

give me the guidance
to know
when to hold on
when to let go
to make the right decision
with dignity.

This could be the most important prayer you've ever prayed
It will provoke you to tough action:
(a) To hold on until the light breaks, the tide turns, and the times change for the better; to tenaciously dig in and bloom where you are planted; to inspire people with your cheerful attitude while you are going through such obviously difficult times.
(b) to take action and make a daring move; to make a creative transition, recognizing an era has come to an end. The factory will never reopen. The steam engines are never going to be manufactured again. Sometimes the cup has fallen. It is broken. "All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again" Now you may need to absorb the spills and develop new skills

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another blessed Sunday

This daily blogging affair just feels fun!
As in u just feel like a preacher that must have something to bless his audience every Sunday, who must have that right word of inspiration whenever a member of the congregation calls for help midweek.
So wha do I have to share today?

I appreciate the giver of life for yet another amazing Sunday
I've waited for this week all life long!
I love exposure, I fancy it a lot and it pains me when I remember I really don't have a great deal of it. I've been stuck to Lagos all life long....I've not been outta Lagos for more than 6times I think, and it has been mostly 2-day-trips or weekends....dont blame me oh. My father doesn't just believe in it.
The fact that I'm not really exposed deprives me of some things I think..
Cos atimes I just imagine how much I would have learned exploring different countries, cultures and races....this desire might just lead to giving studying for masters abroad a serious thought...don't get me twisted with this point I'm about to make, but really almost all if not all the successful Nigerians I know all have history outside Nigeria...like at least 3years of residency outside Naija....why?

I don't want to think about what's next jare....God will do what He has planned out!

So I'm really excited about the networks I'll be establishing in Abuja this week.
One week is too much for God to turn one's life around.
1 hour is too much sef.
I asked myself my all time favourite question again sometime today - the question of "what can I become?"
What can God make out of my life this week?
Really what can God make out of my life this week??
I thought of toooooo many things....everything can be summed up into Success

I need to cut down on Facebook....it's time to quit addiction
I'm on a knowledge crave because from yday's seminar I just felt like an olodo,  there are millions of new sturvs to learn on the internet, why waste such precious time chatting and viewing pictures....hisssssss
With what I'm planning now, I'm looking at the 'famous, successful motivational speaker' swag
Just go online n put up
"I thank God for the meeting with Gov. Fashola...He's a great God"
"Tune in to Inspiration F.M 6pm evening, I'll be on XYZ show"
and u know, just upload one or two endorsement pictures
"Read my latest note..SUCCESS: E FIT BE U OH"

I think I'm due to switch to this mode jare.
Success in life is a choice....when u want to be excellent u have to quit mediocrity totally, don't explore two worlds...it's waste of time, total waste of time!

A couple of months back I read Malcom Gladwell's 2nd book...BLINK and just like his 1st - Tipping point - the principles were very practical and I had a lot to learn, as in a lot to learn and I'm happy I came across that book.
But in recent terms, I've discovered that I still find it hard to live the principles that the book teaches...I still have issues making snap decisions. I find it hard to let go, that over-analysis thing and trust me, it has killed things...important things. I urgently need to outgrow the overanalysis thing...funny enuf ehn, the saying "overanalysis leads to paralysis" is scriptural. The bible puts it as "be careful for nothing..."
ermmmm....is ther a link??? Nyz, that's how I see it sha

Btw, lemme mention it at this point that if you don't write daily...ure missing out!
In a matter of days now I will outgrow this blog to focus on my website A-Z LIFE LESSONS: THE SERIES
The concept is really interesting and within a couple of days I will give u guys the full gist.

I think I need more certificates in my file, papers are meant to be filed rite? while we live out the practical knowledge that we draw from the process of acquisition.
It's time for a 9-5 occupation.
I've been studying materials on branding all day...taking maximum advantage of my 'august' (temporary) knowledge thirst

Saturday, July 24, 2010

So I actually didn't blog yesterday???

How I did I skip blogging yesterday?
How could I have done that on a day that I had so much to write about
I could have talked about how I took NO for an answer and I didnt read meaning to it until someone brought it to my notice!

I could have talked about the surprise birthday visit
I could have talked about the fun moments at her birthday paree
I could have talked about the alcoholic offers
The crazy poster I came across in the bus

I could have talked about the singles summit in Daystar and how I did not really feel the repititive relationship talks
I could have blogged about one of the most inspiring chats I've had in a long while.... "once-in-a-year incidence" like I told her...great wonderful business savvy...really a healthy relationship to maintain. Thumbs up to you- O!
I could have come up here to discuss all of these things in full but for the distractions I was welcomed with as I came online yday...as if it was planned
Like 5 different people telling me I stop calling them, no special holla n al of those "bcos ure nw a celebrity" talk
I was just sad....settling this one, settling that one....by the time I was done, blogging was out of it.. I just had to crash!

So today started on a great note
I just freed Daystar and the proposed Daystar sales cause Harry invited me for another programme and my intuition was just leading me along that line...my spirit was moving me there, so I moved!
And it was indeed a great move
The programme was fantastic, like I had too much to learn, the concept of the programme was like TED...successful folks coming around to share their stories and the theme of their talk was "stumbling blocks on the road to success"

We had Uche Eze, C.E.O of Bella Naija
she endorsed my book as well...pic nt so clear....urrrgghhh

One Uche  guy, head of marketing for Glo

Another young Tolu guy, C.E.O. of YPM
Then a writer, Tosin was the one talking when I got in so I didnt get to hear her profile
I had toooooo much to learn, u know these days I get tired of seminars cos they tend to be repetitive, every speaker paraphrasing the same script....so it makes sense when they tell their stories.....the talk gets more inspiring when u reveal ur down moments and that was what made it fun.
It's the first edition....some very coded P for those in the creativity industry, I still cant tell how Harry go to hear about it sha, but I'm glad I made it.

Now, the GLO guy was the one that really blessed me. Me n Hauwa were up talking about the issue I was having with a couple of persons saying I had neglected them and all of that and how such things could be distracting and all....coming online to quickly do something creative and then someone buzzes u and then u go into this loooong career talk n at the end of d day u 4get y ure online and u knw, d Uche guy talked about this same issue and he really helped me in finding my way out, I'm simply gonna do the same thing he does...that principle just makes sense!
Uche discussed extensively on how networking has transformed his life and really he was particular about Abuja....is God telling me something?

By the time the programme ended...S - d celebrant was already panicking, I was organising her birthday paree for her and I had not shown physically....even though the phone calls were clicking rite and things were moving..she just had to see me.
I made it there...1004 estate (yes oh! 1004 estate has been reopened!!!)
On to palms to buy the drinks with Ope

Dropped d drinks @ d venue and left wit Ope to the Akinfemiwa's 4 lunch...love of food....lol
On to Skye high reunion....board games....30 seconds.....1st time I was seeing the game though, but it makes sense....an affair for the intellectual...

left d reunion n went back to the party

u might wanna check out the guys they are staging me up with in Silverbird Abuja on Friday here

Thursday, July 22, 2010

productively indoors

I said one prayer as I woke up today
"Lord, help me to be productively indoors"
And u knw as heaven's specially loved boy, it ended up being a productive day.

U knw the empowerment seminar P I talked about over the weekend, I spent quality time building on it. The interesting thing is that I've had this proposal written since March last year.

Building up on my Abuja strategy was lik d first thing I did this morning, I have to strategise ahead and start preparing my networks for the task ahead. My luggage limit should permit me to carry about 100 copies of my book, and the rule is no copy returns to lagos with me...all 100copies have to be sold in Abuja within 3days.....I wont be the one selling it, the one who sold 200copies in CU in one weekend will be the one selling it.
The interesting thing and the most important thing about this Abuja trip is that if I sell all 100copies...I break even!
So on returning to lagos, my sponsors get paid and subsequent sales will speak profit....so NakedSha(my #1 prayer warrior...afta momsy.) we have to get to work oh.

I was able to write my contributing chapter to my friend's book -
2 AM ( A MIND AMOMGST MANY) "real life experiences in tales" by Jaye Aderounmu

If u think A-Z life lessons was mind blowing....then I dunno what this book will blow, cos this book is the next big thing!... check out excerpts of my own chapter here.

My evening time was spent connecting to the heavens....in a way, today was more like an inspiration thursday for me

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is it auto or manual?

Are u a non-car owner in need of an alternate means of transportation other than ur everyday commercial bus or okada 4 a short distance ride?
Do u think Okada is actually nt fresh n ure jst 2 proud 2 opt for danfo knowin dat a cab won't work for a 10min drive?
Are u thinking about d dangers ure exposed to during ur brief Okada riide?

Don't get tempted to use Keke NAPEP!

It guarantees u minimal speed and maximum discomfort.

A terrible Keke Marwa trip on the Gowon est - Egbeda link road thought me this. The roads were bad, the tricycle had little or no stamina, my body was pressin hard on the metallic frame of the Keke.....it made no sense! It jst ddnt feel rite payin d guy dat #50

These were d issues I was faced with early ds mornin as I tripped down to my friends house.

Btw, uncle fregs keeps askin "is keke Marwa automatic or manual?"

It was a beautiful visit...really fun n interestin catchin up

My friend's publishin a book dis Sept and trust me, its gonna be mega release....d concept is stunning and yours truly is writing a contributing chapter. I'll give u guys more gist bout it wen he's set 4 d publicity buh trust me, d book's gonna blow ur minds cos we both had d initiative to author books arnd d same time...jst that A-Z had a shorter completion time line.

That was wher I spent my entire day!

I got back home arnd 7pm only to surprisingly sit down to a Yoruba movie on Africa Magic Yoruba! I can't explain y buh there was just this interestin twist in d storyline. PHCN was harsh enuf 2 hurt my sudden interest as they did their 'regular'

In no time I was alrdy catchin up on my skye high folks afta a couple of days of disconnection 4rm my BBM, buh dat was soon interrupted as dad told me 2 take sumtn down 2 church.

Gettin 2 church, midweek service was stil on and I didn't want enter. I scanned thru d window n I ddnt c d person, so I gave up and I walked inside d auditorium.

As I strolled in heading 4 comfortable back seat I was hoping to seat on.......
The voice on d mic went...
"Thank God Tolu just walked in, I was just about 2 quote something from his book; in his book, he said there r 4 kinds of persons u woiuld come across in dis life...."
My Pastor quoting my book?

It was a humbling moment for me as I remembered d scriptures ".....out of d mouth of babes....."

I'm happy he found d book relevant though after my conversation with him on Sat when he was questioning d title of d book n all.

My visit to d church dat Saturday also got me running into some guy who was advising me to come out my shell n talk more often in public (my church) and he just kept on n on n on.....that he's really surprised to hear I have book....."u knw, u can actually use dis platform to develop urself 2 knw hw 2 speak 2 a group of ppl" he said

And I shook my head as I said to myself "knowledge is power....if only he had a sneak peak of my CV"

I enjoy d dual personality thing sha
One of d earliest tins I learnt about Oral Roberts was dat many wonder how he could be a melancholic in hs everyday life but just transists into a sanguine during ministrations and I held on to that and I'm still holding on to that.

My innermost man calls it "proud humility"

Still ahead
-2 birthday parties to be hosted by El Fiz events....
-Only a matter of days till I hit d city of Abuja

Don't stop reading cos u'l definitely keep getting inspired.
Catch ya 2mrw!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

If only....

I know I should write
Buh then I dont wanna write
I know I should write
Buh if I do, I dunno wat to write about

I have it my head
Though its rooted in my heart
I could put it in my hand
Though my head doesnt wanna let go

I'm caught up between two worlds
Of expression
And of inhibition
So I opt for the latter
With lips sealed I smile
I could let it go if I wanted
But holding on feels right
Though its not my thing

I wish I could let go
I wish I speak forth
I wish I could share
I wish I could write

But like pieces of a puzzle
It looks a mystery

Would have quit wishing
If only I wasn't blank..

Monday, July 19, 2010

U dont have to read this...it's called self talk

There's no moment better than a moment of self talk
It's always a great moment of undiltued truth
So I hope u have a fun ride readin my self talk

Since saturday I've been talking about getting more serious with life and all, improving my sense of focus in general cos I really have so much to do in limited time.
I'm glad I've made some good moves on my book sales... though I keep running into the middleman - which is something I don't enjoy - buh I guess protocols cant always be jumped and in everything that happens, God has a reason for it.

For the first time as a graduate, I really sat down to talk to God this morning. Moment of worship, prayer, I went into the scriptures to sharpen my sword...u know some incomplete verses just ring in my head during prayers and I always like to check them out afterward to avoid quoting crap in His presence next time.
I know God loves me, I'm just his special breed...all of these good things that happen on a daily basis ehn..it can happen to anybody, it could have skipped me buh he keeps shining His favour on me, n I have to keep d relationship fresh so I don't run dry.

My bus ride to Ikeja today was annoying, it got me thinking and it got me asking so many questions...so many questions that my keyboard could feel it kilometres away cos as I speak to u now the "question mark" key on my keyboard aint workin.
The commercial bus was hell, I felt like the bus was gonna tear apart before the end of the journey and I started asking the "why" questions again....asking if commercial buses after graduation was still a part of the dream...buh I resolved to not ask questions but rather offer solutions so I started thinkin..how soon can I buy my own car...wher wil d money come from and al of those things

I've made 2 mistakes since I became a graduate...2 mistakes...not SIN mistakes o...b4 ur imaginations start travelling...buh business mistakes so to speak and the thought of it annoys me buh again I'm grateful to God I realised them.

I learnt 2 things out of that:
Short-cuts cut your success short i.e never ever hurt due process
Never underestimate urself at any point in time

Today again, I finally kicked off reading!!
I started with "Tough times never last but tough people do"
I need to read more...I really should because the underlying benefits are countless. Robert Schuller was definitely on point as at the time he published this best seller.

Now I've started readin..wil I continue?

******just lik any other self talk..I got interrupted****

c ya 2mrw!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

So much clicks!

A couple of weeks back as my graduation slowly approached, I was a bit bothered by the thought of leaving my blog with 25followers to now start a new blog over again with 0followers, but so far so good with the 9 followers I have I'm happy I'm making waves, according to google analytics, on my previous blog the highest number of pageviews I ever had within 24hrs was 48pageviews, and I was madly excited that day!
I checked google analytics just this afternoon and I discovered I had 76 pageviews yesterday...I was weak!!!

Today, I'm happier
Today, I feel like I have a louder voice
So I'm excited to share....let's see if u will be blessed!

After a failed attempt to get my mom's car for the day, dad gave me his ride and up until the point when I drove out of the house to morning for lil business-church trip...I was stil WOWing up.
I'm used to mom's car...neva driven my dad's car(d 1 time I drove it to get fuel 4 gen doesnt count)
My plan was to go to 3 churches up until momc dulled me
-House on the Rock
-RCCG - City of David (COD) parish

I wasn't going to drive out of bounds with dad's car..I no want wahala, but I prayed to God and He did order my steps.
I was about to go on straight to COD when it started drizzling...so I diverted to Daystar. Gettin to daystar I learnt a relationship summit was coming up this weekend...wonderful opportunity to sell my books!...I approached d coordinator n he told me I should have come 2weeks earlier..
With E pinging me on wats up in COD.. I just strolled back to the car park and I was off

by 9:30 I was already in COD for a 8-10am 1st service.
That church....e maddddd gan!'
That's RCCG Swagg parish
U knw I'v always wanted to be a member of such churches, as God is dropping things on u during d service..some connections r droppin on u afta d service n u bring more glory to His name. I need grace to break off my local church and worship wher I'l b truly happy!
They had loads of presentations today...different arms of the church were delivering presentations on what they do n al of that....err1 that came on stage = FRESH!

In my regular fashion I spoke my mind to God. If He can bless individuals this well, that means He can actually bless me that much...and u knw I lik the way He says and promises that "...far above what u can imagine"
So really I try to fathom what it will actually look like if God decides to start blessing me more than I can imagine, cause this my imagination ehn...ther's almost no swag I've not dreamt/thought about. Buh I knw He knows what He's sayin, so I keep my fingers crossed.

My underlying business motive wasn't in vain.
People will buy my books in that church, infact they will rush it sef...my testimony is coming soon on that page.

I thank God it was a hitch free ride back home.
Who would have imagined I went to lekki with d ride in dis house...I jst wish they knew some things.
I knw Funeh wont be proud of me dat I ddnt hit 160km/h on d 3rd mainland...lol
I tried 130 very briefly though.

I cant seem to remember all of the things I planned to share oh...

But lemme just wish everyone a wonderful week ahead.
Weekends are meant for relaxation and celebration, do something this week that will be worth celebrating....NO, not dat kinda in-house celebration, I'm talkin about something that ur world will celebrate u for.

I know it's gonna be a fantastic week for me...don't be left out!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Have I told u about my best *****?

Today was absolutely fantastic!

I think I need to make saturdays my indoor days cos the feelin of every1 outside is havin fun makes we wanna do something productive so m nt left out at the end of d day...
So I spent d early hours of d day writin...and the things I wrote today...absolutely fantastic!
U knw when u write sumtn n ure feelin urself al d way...dat's how I feel about it.

Do u wanna read?
Pls click HERE

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thisday, Tosyn, W n STV

Oh my God! It's 6:50am already...argghhhh..How can the nite end so early?
I have to be out of this house by 8am...I've not even ironed my shirt!
what am I gonna wear? Regular Lagos friday trad? ermmm...d white 1?
Wait oh..is it actually raining?

So I reach for my box (still hvnt unpacked!) pick my caked starched white Thomas Pink shirt telling myself d rain wnt kill my choice of white this mornin...oh, I almst 4got...lemme jst take out my sweater cos I hv to play safe!

6:55 I'm ironing with energy...I 'over-starched' this shirt oh!
7:03..PHCN doin wat they knw hw to do best ..ope oh...I had jst one sleeve left unironed and I was able to cover that before the iron lost all of it's heat!

I dont know what I did with time..I ddnt eat breakfast...I ddnt brush...I did brush...I took my bath...dunno dunno...8:00am I still wasnt ready!

8:15am..left d house under the rain without an umbrella
9:00am hooked up wit Funeh...had to go 2 his house cos it wasnt goin to be my regular Danfo day since we were heading toward d same direction.
His aunty was already waitin 4 me...I signed my 1st autograph of d day........n she requested for a picture shot with the author
9:30am.....off to d island

Location: City Hall
Purpose: Creativity fair
Any hitches?: Flat tire!!
Any further hitches?: calm down....
We got to the entrance and even though we still weren't so convinced that the 2k was gonna be worth it, we decided to swipe our ATM cards n jst dash them d 2k like that...my ATM dulled, so Funeh tried his...he was on that wen Ada called to apologise for her lateness that she wil join me @ d galleria soon for our 12noon interview appointment!
"but u didnt reply my txt nw!" 
"yes, I did" she replied
Ooooo...we jst had 2 free creativity fair.
In the main time, we ran into the CEO of B.L.I.N.G. (d guys behind d "Maga no need pay" video n campaign)
CU's reflections' Baba was also around....BABA is d one behind COOL2VOTE...I gave him a copy of my book...2nd autograph of d day writing "don't leave me behind o"
I was really happy for them..yaayyyy CU!!!

Location: Silverbird galleria
Purpose: Thisday youth editor - Ada Sonia interview with Tolu Akanni
Any hitches? Interviewer absent + Interviewer's phone switched off!!
After 20mins chillin...we left to attend to other issues
Straight to the banks 2 run errands 4 popc

2:00 she calls to announce her arrival
2:20 I head for galleria...had 2 bike down under the dark clouds...it wasnt spsd 2 b a biking day!!!!! 
2:30 I arrive galleria under the rain..which started jst 2mins before then.

Thisday interview
Reaction: Fun, Fun, Fun + iLike
Ada was fun to be with...I really enjoyed myself, and we must have spent another 1hr after d interview ended gisting.
I dunno if I'm allowed to disclose age o..but really I'm amazed at her achievements! She's just a year younger than myself and she's been editor of Thisday Youth for over a year and a half...smart, intelligent fine girl. I had fun!

Meanwhile, she put it on twitter that she was interviewing me and Tosyn Bucknor replies tellin her to say hi to me and nice shirt!
Awww..Tosyn Bucknor!!! Where did she see me??? This Lagos sef...so my 'rocky-starched' white Thomas Pink shirt on a rainy day that gt stained somehow wasnt a bad pick for the day @ all....I'l mk sure my nxt Jerymn pick is a Pink!

I really want to have a date with Tosyn Bucknor oh...God will fix me up soon

4:00...still with Ada, my friends call that they are coming down to pick me so we go down to Debonairs 4 lunch, seeing no need for that considering the terrible traffic..I told them not to bother since I cld jst bike down to Debonairs from the closeby Galleria where I was, and thank God I did that.

Gettin to Debonairs they were there already and first thing they told me was "we came with a friend. Banky W!" 
feeling left out I approach him straight up to have a conversation with him
**I tap him slightly**
W: Hi, I'm Banky....can I meet u?
me: gv him al the oyinbo oyinbo...I follow ur blog n al..nice one man!
W: o..true, I've not even blogged in a while uno.
**I introduced myself as an author and I quickly opened my briefcase to bring out a copy for him...sincerely I was gonna give him a free copy
W: wow...ure an author. How much is it?
me: #1,500 (I've never sold it at that price tho...only galleria sells my book @ #1,500)
W: u knw u shld give me 4 free..buh just chill, lemme pay 4 my pizza
and that was how gist started oh...n he actually paid d #1,500
summary was we had fun with the guy

WE = Ehi, Demola, Obioma, Funeh n myself

The funny twist about the W experience was that, my friends had not even met him until I got there oh...they were still contemplating on how to approach him.
This reminds me on a principle I love so much that says
check it! when u analyse a particular thing extensively...just forget about achieving that particular thing...u'l just mess it up that is even if u end up giving it an attempt at all.

Be spontaneous, this is the whole essence of today....this is all this post ure readin is out to add to u, spontaneity!
U have nothing to lose...have fun, don't get so uptight, loosen and give ur life a chance to enjoy life.

In no time we had pictures of W all over BBM n Facebook and all notifications started rolling on...PINGs...n we were just feeling ourselves.

Debonairs - Le Meriden - Silverbird galleria again

We played PS3....I won 1 game, lost 1...mschewwww. I left there the same

Modupe, forgive me of all my sins!

The dulling part of today was that I didnt get to see that babe...Simi n Enifo, keep asking oh!

The drive back home was annoying...Funeh, we don wreck that ride today oh!

I later got a call that I was spotted on TV again...Bookjam with John Maxwell footage.

I promised I was gonna talk about something in that my last post...u guys might have to chill 4 d next...dis 1 is long enuf alrdy

Thursday, July 15, 2010

what last?

In recent times a lot of folks hv bin askin me questions on wat next n al those sturvs n even tho I knw 2 myself dat I dnt knw wat's nxt. I'm not sure I wanna knw.

When I was planning 4 dis year, my plan was a half-yr plan - jst 6months! I ddnt knw wat 2 ask for 4 d following 6mths so I jst left it blank wit d confidence that wher he leads is wher I will follow. This is y I cnt afford 2 let go off him.

Yet again, u knw that point in life when ure on a journey, n if its 1 dat has 2 do wit u leaving ur immediate comfort zone to start a new life elsewher, memories of ur previous locatn begins to replay itself in ur mind

So I ask myself "wha jst happened?"
What last? What's d significance of wha jst hpnd? What's d rationale behind d last phase...so I do my review. I see a couple of things I'm sure I cld hv done better. I see tours off course, I see sojourns that were indeed off track!

This is d beauty of 'what last'
What last makes sense when u see flaws, it is those flaws dat nw prepare u 4 what's next...

There's more on dis topic
Full gist coming tonite!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Still on John C. Maxwell

Let me open today's gist by letting u know that I've resolved to return to daily blogging and I might as well blog everyday till the end of the year. 

I felt good as my citation was being read yesterday and I was cited as having published well over 150 articles online! Who cares if it is blog post or post blog, 150 did feel great, so lets see how soon I can hit 1,000. 

To be frank with u, that wasn't d major factor! The quest n thirst to write more jumped on me today at the John C. Maxwell leadership conference at the Federal Palace hotel on Ahmadu Bello way, Victoria Island, Lagos. It will interest u to know that the gate fee for this conference was fixed at #25,000!!!
That's a lot uno, but come on, it's John C. Maxwell and asides leadership conference is meant for leaders, and leaders should have money right?
I envy the organisers who I've calculated should be btw 27-30years of age. Just two young guys! 2 fresh entrepreneurs who are managing partners of Atrium consult. By my calculations, about 240 seats were arranged in the venue  200 of which I calculated were occupied. So if u do a quick arithmetic u'll see #5,000,000. 
But that's small money for the young CEOs who respectively drive Mercedes Benz SL550 and G-wagon....so where's their money coming from considering the fact that they even gave out 25 free seats at the media outing which I was a part of yesterday and of which I benefited (so I really didn't pay 25k!)

The big win for them is the dinner tonight again at Federal Palace hotel in which each table sells for #1million! That is a table for 10 which means each seat goes for #100,000!

Will people come?
Isn't that rather expensive?
It's John C. Maxwell, best selling leadership author and international acclaimed leadership speaker!
Leaders have money and leaders like to carve out their own niche, so #100,000 should be affordable for every leader. 

I'm so burnt discusing this dinner because I got a call about 1hr into the stipulated dinner time that I should come around to pick up a free ticket, but I was in almighty backward Ipaja!!!!!
"Ur position per time should be impeccable" so I wrote in my book, but what can I do? I can't control that for now!


What's the message in today's post?

***Young boys are doing things and they are doing it big!

I forgot to mention that I had 3 different individuals approaching me today to get my phone number based on yesterday's outing. Pretty good, great fantastic guys! The 1st guy went into analysis pointing out what exact words I used at yday's event that really got to him and I love that, I really do appreciate it...public speaking is my career and when someone lets me know how best I hit, I take it dear to heart!

This lack of business card situation is becoming embarassing oh, and I have to something real quick!
Some law student said to me while we were on recess before John C. Maxwell came yday that "I want to believe u didn't come with ur business card on purpose, considering how much u obviously know about Networking"
....and I was to weak to mutter words in return.

Another lesson...

Based on my last post Funeh made a comment that I'ld like to talk about..I quote
"I love the way you carry Covenant University along in all of your achievements."
I weep for successful people atimes because many don't understand the power of synergy!
John C. Maxwell said something today "it's lonely at the top"

My motivation for doing all of that is simple: SYNERGY.
A bunch is better than one
"syn·er·gy (s¹n“…r-j¶) n., pl. syn·er·gies. 1. The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects."

The main lesson....

This is the sole reason why I'm writing tonight.
John C. Maxwell taught just two things today
The 5 levels of leadership
The law of the 5.

The 5 levels of leadership:
Level1: POSITION - Right: People follow u because they have to
Level2: PERMISSION - Relationships: People follow u because they want to
Level3:  PRODUCTION - Results: People follow u because of what u have done for the organisation
Level4: PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT - Reproduction: People follow u because of what u have done for them
Level5: PERSONHOOD - Respect: People follow u because of who u are and not what u represent

The post wont make sense again if I delve into the 5 levels

THE RULE OF THE 5 is more relevant to this post, so let me dwell on that

There are 5 things he does everyday that produces all the books
He started explaining the rule of the 5 by saying
"If everyday u will pick an axe and slash 5 swings at a tree, 5 swings each..nt 2, nt 8..jst 5..within a couple of days, the tree would go down"

"Consistency is a silent grenade" - Tolu Akanni (Chapter A, A-Z life lessons)

There are therefore 5 things that u should do everyday in order to be successful in ur field.
5 things that u will discover with time, it took him 8yrs to discover his own 5...buh he feels we can discover ours within 2yrs

How do u find ur 5?
1. Figure out what u love doing...passion gives u energy!
2. Do something ure gifted at...gift gives u d skill!

...buh guess wat? I dont have to wait for 2yrs, I discovered mine today!
Why so early? u ask
cos I'm lifting his own 5!!
He's an author, I'm an author..we are authors...lol

1. Everyday I READ
2. Everyday I THINK
3. Everyday I FILE
5. Everyday I WRITE

so I'm curious...wha do u do everyday?
taking note that 'everyday' is nt d same as 'all day' !

I heard my book launch was covered on STV news tonite...paining me I didnt c
Jst gt interviewed by Michael....about-to-be blogger
And ther's this babe lik dat oh..hmmn...ttyl

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

John C. Maxwell

I'm just gonna cry as I celebrate the goodness of God.
Great marvellous stuffs happening too cheaply.
John C. Maxwell!!!!

Lemme give a re-cap of the day.
We set out of home (me n my parents) like 12:30 for the 3pm event hoping to get to galleria for 2pm.
So we get down from the 3rd mainland bridge lik 2:05 n there was this sick traffic, so I had to come off òyé (AC) to pick a bike so I could get to the venue early. I got there and there was none of my books on the stands...I was furious!! Where are my books???

Lol...soon d picture got clearer and we found out my book wasn't delivered to the store. We got that settled with and other piricing issues came up and all of that crap...

After so much tips, advice and all of those things that could get u tensed up from my folks...
Then the event started with the 20-30 guests already sitted in the 100seater venue!
Was a bit tensed as the programme started cause I was trying to wash off all of the rules and be myself. Rules suck! Norms stick!

With frequent SMS, pings n buzzing from friends who were present and d ones tryin to get to d venue. The confidence just jumped on me as I said to myself "Tolu, the world is watching!!"

In no time, I was introduced as the 2nd author.
I chose not to say too much about myself and the book and I moved on to my book reading cos I knew d comments would still come.
Networking was the first chapter I read...motivation first!
Before I then treated them to a good laugh as I read TIREDs...pretty hilarious n factual piece, so they had no choice other than to laugh uncontrollably.

As soon as I was done reading, many hands went up looking ready to pounce on me with questions.
1st person goes "..nt really a question, just an encouragement. Great job"
Same for the 2nd, then the 3rd person had a question...just d kind of question I anticipated. Like 3 more persons asked questions and I could feel myself impressing them with powerful responses!

Then d 3rd speaker spoke.

Blogsville's Harry was also on point with his 'Poetically speaking' presentation. Yayyyy!!! Harry!

We waited and waited for John Maxwell to come oh...no show!
So we had to do another round of book readings in which I read.
Of Good deeds and gratitude (soft, emotional piece)
& Gidi Times: A-Z of Lagos...which again got them laffin endlessly!

6:30. John C. Maxwell arrives.
Body guards, cameras n al of d paparazzi...
He talked for about 3mins before throwing d floor open to questions. With a couple of repetitive questions from the audience, I decided to shine with my own question as I raised my hand up from d high table. Yes oh...high table with John C. Maxwell!!

So I go

"Good evening, I'm Tolu Akanni and I just graduated from the university 2weeks ago, and it might interest u 2 knw that in d univeristy I finished from - Covenant University, we read ur book every semester, so I'm a direct product of ur influence.

And he goes "oh! That's a great school"

At 21, I just published my first book which i'ld like to give to an autographed copy. What challenge did u face after u wrote ur 1st book?
***so I present the book to him**

He looks thru d book
"u wrote this? Thank you! I'll read the book as I fly to *** and make sure I quote this particular book in my next book"

John C. Maxwell, quote Tolu Akanni's A-Z life lessons in his next bestseller???
Thank u Jesus!!!

At the end of the programme, he asked for Covenant University guys to come have a group photo with him! Cos as d autographs were being signed peeps just kept on saying "I'm also in Covenant University"

It was indeed our day!

God is taking us places and this is just the beginning!

Covenant University's Aniekan was MC...beautiful job!! He's just a great guy, completely natural for him and I'm really happy for him cause I know he only just started!!

I got a free pass to the John C. Maxwell leadership seminar tomorrow. Ticket sells for 25k, so no be beans!

Gov Fashola is the chief host, lets see if he will get an autographed copy of A-Z Life lessons.

U guys should thank God for me oh.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The book launch from my own stand point!

The launch

Months of dreaming
Months of planning
Of strategy and of implementation
Of provision and of improvision finally came to an end
All of that crammed into 120minutes
Just 120minutes?
As in 2hours?
2hours of fun
I didn't want it to end
We did a bit of African time ish as we started 6:15. The programme had barely started and I was still checking up on one or two logistics when I heard "now we welcome Tolu Akanni to give his welcome address". The hall was alrady half filled then. It was too sudden for me to feel tensed, so I went up and I did the welcome address as pre-planned. The lyrics for that one came while I was in the Danfo on my way back home from school 2days ago (me n my priceless Danfo moments).
My welcome remarks was followed by the book presentation anchored by my brother - being the one who wrote the foreword of the book. 

Soon we had Harry coming up to do Poetically speaking. Beautiful piece by the owner of the Nigerian Poetry blog of the year. 

I was soon brought back up to do the first book reading from the 1st chapter of the book- Chapter A: ON EXPRESSION. Seeing that the hall was still two-thirds filled I just decided to read Chapter D as well - NETWORKING. There was a message in that chapter which I was quite confident was going to add to someone in the audience, and I'm sure it did at the end of the day.  

My book reading was followed by a song presentation by Ese Peters...beautiful piece on love. He's quite good with the guitar and the strings did bring the song to life. ...watch the video here

Ese's piece was followed by Seye's dramatic poem...he did some stunt with #20 note..really fantastic presentation.. God bless him big time! (he's promised to design a website for the book...so u guys will be seeing that soon)

Then came the main moment of the day - the lauching. My brother anchored this and he had barely spent 3minutes introducing the order of the launch when I decided to toast/excite the audience a lil bit before they drop their envelopes...I started talking and before I knew I lost it!...I was just talking and talking and of cos talking relevant, spitting all of the sense I had in me....making them understand the vision of the book, d motivation and all of that and what value the book has out there...it was some 5-10mins of self marketing!!!
The launch went on well and by then Tosyn Bucknor was already in the building!

Tosyn read CHURCH BOIS by Omoge Black and it was simply fantastic! Her delivery was madddddddddddd...she being an on-air personality u would xpect her book readin to be the maddest and yea...she did justice to it!

Then Ese Peters had a second presentation...another lovely song

Ooops!! I cant believe I've not mentioned the lovely MCs so far
The best combo ever
Aniekan 6"4 towering high over Dami 5"7...humorous and their delivery was professional mehn...they didnt over do it and they just had this way of keeping the ambience alive. I cant think of anyone that would have done it any better!

Seye Ogunlesi of Terra Kulture read the piece Alákádá from my old blog - 100days @ d lobby....yet another humorous piece and Seye being the fresh boy that he is now...his accent n all kept us alive readin the piece to our listening pleasure

Then Gbonju came and read another chapter of the book - LOST

Then Orode came and read BLACK. There was just something captivating about her outfit, her fashion statement was on point!!...I no be fashion person oh...so I dont know wha they call it...but the ash + red combo was on point men....and if u were ther 2 c her in person...u go bow!

I did the last book reading from my favourite Chapter T - GIDI TIMES. That's the A-Z of LAS GIDI piece. The audience was laughing all the way!

Then it came to time for remarks/Q&A...and nobody wanted to talk oh!
Ok, my dad was forced to talk and then that was all...they called me up to do the Vote of thanks. @ 8:00pm
Since I was anticipating the event will end 8:30pm and it was already itching me to talk all day just like the MCs have been doing. I went back to the Q&A session oh...and I was begging for questions...can u imagine? When they didnt want me to feel important...I had to force them

Then Tosyn Bucknor led the way "what inspired u to write this book?"
I spend quality time answering her
Another question came from Gbonju..I think.....ermmm...can't remember what it was anymore but I also did justice to that
Then a major question came from fresh smart dude, Leke (Omoge Black's representative)...he was basically encouraging me to look for like minds to run this vision with, and that was how I burst forth promoting brands for the next 10minutes.
I was quick to let him know that A-Z Life lessons is not a Tolu Akanni production, that the brains behind it plentyyyy gannnnn....so I just incorporated the brand promotion thing we were planning to do
Ok...Gbonju's question was on "wat next?" and the El Fiz Concept vision took care of that.

So on the brand promotion..I recognised all of my friends' brands and I let people understand that they are brands driven by young minds and I'm also appreciating them all here again

Tecknicoleur designs
Hill torch ventures
Omoge black
Unlimited Works
Rebirth media
Mayday graphics

MEDIA Partners -
Thisday Glitz
Fabulous Magazine
Bella Naija
Beat FM
Mitre Magazine
Top Radio
Future Awards

Mom took closing prayer and that was followed by my interview with STV..I cant wait to watch that on TV!

Book signing was a bit stressful though...the rush was kinda heavy somehow...and it took quality backdrop picture moments from me..buh I stil had fun signing autographs though.

From autographs to pictures

and so it all ended
and so we drove out of VI
and so I find myself back at hooooooome!

Thanks 4 reading...pictures will be up soon

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Only a couple of hours to go!

Only a couple of hours to go...

I'm hours away from my make/mar make/make show
Those manuscripts that were once on notepad.exe
I really cant tell how they found their way to Microsoft Publisher
Then Ade put it on Photoshop
From Photoshop the printer took it to Corel
And from Corel it was printed as a book
The book so fresh, so clean...the printer made me proud
Otta sales: explosive. 200copies cleared in a weekend

So tomorrow comes
Las Gidi is set to receive the book
Las Gidi...the city of hustlers
Las Gidi...the city of big dreams

God please speak to their pockets
Let it pop out of their hearts
I know it will turn out well
I know it will turn out big
Millions is what I smell
Contracts is what I see knocking

Tomorrow...the best day of my life
Tomorrow....a dream come true!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Phone calls that matter..

Seriously, writing this book is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Favour has been smiling on me 24/7

I woke up in school this morning to pack my stuffs since someone was coming around to get them home for me, and as I was doing all of that I kept on complaining to myself that I've not received any call this morning as at then.
Then a call finally came in around 10am and behold it was the Head of Marketing for Silverbird Life store calling me to tell me Abuja has been confirmed for July 30 and as to ask if I would be in Lagos on 13th of July as they are expecting the leadership expert/teacher John C. Maxwell at an event they are organising and they would love to feature me on that same event.

I was shocked!!!

It didn't take long again before my Bonnie called me from the UK and it was another call of joy.

On my way out of school I stopped over at the library to submit my project and as I was going out I decide to give an authographed copy of my book to Mr Muyiwa Fadugba - Head of CU Alumni Association, and he was quick to suggest I give the Vice Chancellor a copy as well....but since I was rushing out of school he offered to help me deliver the copy to her in person since he was expecting her to be a part of the meeting he was attending....so I went to get another copy from the bags lodge at the entrance of the library and as I was signing the autograph on the copy I was going to give to her, she walked in!
I gave her a copy, she was excited to see it, she prayed and prayed and prayed for me...she asked if I had given it to the Chancellor...and I proudly said "sure! since the day I got the books" she confirmed if I wrote my phone number on the autograph and it was bye-bye.

I was just about to get off my friend's 406 and Danfo my way home when I got another call...behold...it was Prof Aize Obayan, my Vice Chancellor!
She looooooooved the book!!

less than 48hours to the launch and see what God is doing already!
Planning has been going on smoothly...everything falling in place as expected
To God be glory!

Friday, July 2, 2010

I: Commencement

I'm pleased to start this chronicles on the best day of my life. Yesterday I slept as an undergraduate, but today I sleep as a graduate.
5years in Covenant University is finally over.
Bachelors in Engineering
Second class honours (upper division)
It looked like it was gonna be longer than this when we tried to picture this end way back on October 17, 2010 when we started this journey, but see what God has done....look at where we are now, see how the heavens are smiling on us, see how the earth is rejoicing with us, family and friends pretty excited, and for us the centre of attraction: our joy knows no bounds!
Many started the race, but only the chosen made it to the end.

After a convocation ceremony that lasted about 7hours, I finally made my way out of the not-so-comfortable auditorium, I must have produced litres of sweat today, that convocation gown is no beans at all, but since it's a once in a lifetime event I really can't shout!!!

At around 3:30pm, I hooked up with my parents, and behold!!!!!!!!
I got to hold a copy of the mass print edition of my book in my hands, and as I flipped through the pages with a leap of joy in my heart I rejoicingly said to myself- DREAMS COME TRUE!!

I'm way excited that I'm leaving a dream!

The target was to sell 200copies this weekend and as of now, sales count has hit a 100 already!
Those that were buying it were buying with excitement, that's the dream of every sales man - to give the customer value for their money.
God bless the parents that launched the book. I was glowing with joy when a father launched my book with #10,000. Quite a number of other parents were really generous....all of those things just made my day!!

The next couple of days with me filled with testimonies,
Don't stop reading
Stay connected!