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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The coming revolution

How can we build business empires?
How can we build global brands?
How can we build institutions that graduates will die to work for
How can we create wealth?

How can we affect how people think
How can we spread this virus
How can we raise the intellectual standards
How can we become the standards

How can we do what Legends do
How can we do the legendary
How can we become legends

How can we actualise the imaginary
How can we push people to be independent
How can we save a wasted generation

Those are the questions that the industrialist in me ask every day
Funny how I ask myself this questions in “we”s
It’s definitely because I know this can’t be done solo
Individuals don’t win wars
Individuals don’t even go to war
A departure from average is not a step
It’s a battle
It’s a revolution
Strong armies birth revolution

I’ve fearlessly seen myself as the CEO of the world’s most profitable company
I’ve seen myself countless times on Forbes, TIME
I’ve seen the ripple effect of my future actions
I’ve seen myself as a force to reckon with

I don’t care if I’m not there yet
I just need to keep seeing
Ceteris paribus
Victoria est certum

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