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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lil piece on lil things

Life sucks
Life’s good
Life’s wicked
Life’s fun

Living is difficult
Living is hope
Living is boring
Living is challenging

1 world
1 life
7 billion people
7 billion lives

Life sucks
Yet we’ll do anything to stay alive
Life’s good
We’ll do anything to make it better

Life’s wicked
We are often quick to forget the wickedness
Life’s fun
You only live once is our new anthem

Life’s full of ups and downs
I’ve had my ups, had my downs
But I’ve had more ups than downs
So my life is on the upside

Downs with school
Downs with jobs
But I know better now
Downs were just waiting periods

Periods that make us appreciate the ups
Periods that toughen us
Periods that weaponise the warrior
Periods that force us to dream

Life’s got so much suspense
Life should get an Oscar

I love life
I love my life
I love love
I love my love life

The good life is the dream
I found happiness and I found the good life
The good life is all about happiness
Happiness in the little things

Little things like those books
Little things like those dreams
Little things like her smile
Little things like “ok Tolu”

I focused on the little things
And they brought me great happiness
With a little hope today,
The sky is the limit for every dreamer

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